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Stolen Hours

Stolen hours over phone
Over snatched lunch
Sometimes over breakfast
Over dinners in far-away places
Nights and days here and there
Always anxious
Lest someone see
Lest someone tell
The robbed one
About secret goings-on
And stolen love
Is the pain worth it

Author: Elizabeth Ochardson Mazrui
Book: Bittersweet. The pain and joy of being


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Mixed Signals!

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Your words are saying go
Your body is saying stop
It is immensely confusing
Please make up your mind
And give out clear signals

Yours truly,


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I would meet her frequently on the corridors, she almost always busted me doing my crazy dance every time I was alone in the elevator. Then with frequency of these meetings familiarity started breeding. She was pretty, that she was abundantly!

We both get into the elevator at the same time. And it’s only the two of us.
What’s your name?
I always see you on the corridors, what do you do?
I with XY firm
Oh that’s great
You are with AB right?
Yes I am
The lift gets to the mezzanine and I have to get off
So I’ll be getting off here holding the door so it doesn’t move
Okay, I’m taking an early leave today
Wait, so what’s your number?
Will you call if I give it to you?
Sure, why the heck not?
She tells me her number
Well, you enjoy the remaining part of your day
Will do, so should you…
I am, see this points at my silly grin, I put it on when I’m playful, all teeth out
Two days later, I text her “hey G, how are you doing? M”
Heeey M, I’m 28 years and single! I am saved and look love the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal saviour.
I look at that text. Read it, reread it, it came like a blow to me. I tell my boy about it and laughs at me “you got yourself a wife right there man haha”. I’m not amused.
So are you ready to mingle, we have this nice Kesha (overnight worship) service every Friday in our church I would love it if you joined me :-).
Errm I cannot join you on that one maybe someday I will but don’t ask me when 🙄
Hmm she has this smile that seems to say she can read my thoughts. Thank God for not making telepathy real
Do you have a charger/ flash drive? Can I borrow your charger/ flash drive? Those were the excuses to pop in our office. I would hand them with a smile. But deep down I always knew that the road Gabriella wanted me to take, I was not ready for!
One Tuesday she pops in
Hey we’ll be moving offices
Oh snap, no, why?
We are getting bigger floor space not far from here
I will miss you I sure meant it from the bottoms of my heart!
I will miss you too, you can always come and say hi, there will always be tea/ coffee for you
I grin, the silly grin
I’ll take you up on that Gabriella
It has been months down the line, I haven’t gone to take up my offer on coffee. She was a good girl, Gabriella, but I guess I sometimes the right things/person happens at the wrong time! What do you think?

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The Interview

My niece is turning three today
I am supposed to be the guy to make memories into portraits
Yes I’m the camera guy
My cousin says I be there early
Since she good to me when I want free food (read chapos) I cannot disappoint
I leave the house early
I had been given some medicines for my tonsils yesterday and told to refrain from taking alcohol for five days
I know there will be alcohol
There is the sadness that I’ll be the sobber one
But at least this time mom won’t see me drink and she can go slow on the preaching on the negatives of alcohol
She thought I had stopped drinking until my cousin told them how we were ‘tumlevis’ with my other cousins! All that knowing my limits and holding my liquor for nothing man.
So I’m on the bus. Yeah yeah the bus has been my best hunting ground so far.
We are waiting for it to fill
I see her across the street, good Lord she had thighs 🙂
I cross my fingers and hope she’ll board our bus and come sit next to me
Guess what?
You guessed right!
She did come sit next to me 🙂
She had these lovely fingers
I start thinking how to start a conversation talking about a persons fingers without coming off as a weirdo
Hey you have lovely fingers, nope never
You know you can tell much about a person by the way they take care of their fingers? Nope weird too
What’s the secret to such lovely fingers? Just quit it Mackel!
She whips out this huge Microsoft phone. Must have been six inches
You know men. Size matters. We obsess with size.
Haha get your head straight! 😛
Hey is that Microsoft?
Yes it is.
Why windows phone? Why not say android or iPhone?
I just liked this one
Anything you dislike about it?
Mmmh nah
I spot this huge billboard of share a coke
If I want to share a coke with you what name do I look out for in the fridge?
She thinks
My first name is not there. But you will sure find Wambui.
I wanted to know your name just decided to use the long route
I know
I’ve been wanting to tell you this, but didn’t know how to
Oh please don’t tell me I was love at first sight already
Haha not that
So you do have lovely fingers
She stares at them for some seconds
I hope that is not weird, I know men shouldn’t notice these things
Nah, its okay
What do you do Wambui?
I’m an economist
Dang, you are those people we’d copy assignments on “the classical economic theory”
I also was one of the copy cats
No, no way
Yep I did it too
More laughs
So what is the craziest thing you have done lately?
Hmmm. Thinking
I went for jet skiing on December holidays. That was one hell of a fun activity. I love adrenaline rush. Yourself?
I did bungee a little over a year ago
No way
Yes, I did. Tops my list of adrenaline stuff I ever did.
I’d love to do it too. Where did you do it?
Sagana. Savage wilderness if I remember the name correctly
I have to do it too, let’s see how this year goes
The bus gets to town
So I’m going to the salon, I guess I’ll see you around?
Wait, can I have your number?
Let me have yours instead
I give her my number
Guess this is like an interview, don’t call me I’ll call you
We laugh
Bye Mackel
Bye Wambui have a good one

Well I don’t know if my performance is still being reviewed. I don’t know if I passed or failed the shortlisting to earn a call back. But I am just crossing my fingers
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted lol!

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Free shipping or is it?

In 2013 I had been trying to buy a replacement battery for an iPod I wanted to sell. I hardly listened to it anymore so why keep up things you don’t use right? Apparently all apple authorised dealers do not deal with spares for iPods this led me to go and start looking at alternative places to get my battery. Online stores. Several of the online stores with good reputation did not ship it to Kenya, this led me to searching alternative stores then I landed on which claimed it shipped orders to Kenya within 14 days. After three months of waiting I decided that I had been conned there is the time allowance when you have to decide to call a debt bad yes?
I was expecting something yesterday in my mail box and was pretty excited. I open my mail box and after sifting through a bunch of bills from previous owners of the box I find a brown padded envelope, you know those they mail things going long distances in? Surely what I expected was way bigger. On close scrutiny I notice it was mailed December 2013! It took a complete 1 year and 2 months! As I checked my merchandise inside it hit me, I had opted for free shipping. Well free is darned expensive, because I’m sure my iPod now has lost half of its value with things like PonoPlayer entering the market.
Well I learned my lesson, next time I’m clicking that free shipping radio button before checking out my cart I will be ready for a harrowing wait, and with patience not being one of my virtues I hardly see that happening… Don’t start preaching to me about the “we want it here and now” of the gen Y. That is just the way things are…

Free shipping? Beware!

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Talk to the hand

It’s Thursday morning
I leave the house at 7.45 am
I’m early I think
We report to work at 9 and the several days I’ve been late jokes are made about my imaginary girlfriend making me late
I always want to reply with “we are trying for a baby” and see the expression 😀
I’m lucky I find an almost full bus at the bus stop and board
Picky picky ponky
I choose to sit near the second lady with natural blow dried hair
So umm
No I’m busy talk to the hand!


I breath into my hand. I think my oral hygiene is okay.
Takes out my phone and tell Henry about it. Guy just laughs at me.

The struggle continues…


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It’s Saturday mid day
I’m going for a family meet up
It is sweltering hot
I board this bus with moderate music
I’m feeling playful today and decide I won’t put a serious face and I will try to smile
She is wearing yellow dress with a moderate frame
She was smelling heavenly
I love what you are wearing
Oh the dress? Thank you
Well, the dress is nice too, but I meant your cologne
She laughs. Oh that?
Thinking to self, some sense of humor great!
So, it is by Antonio Banderas, I don’t know the name.
It is really nice, where do people get such?
Oh. Got it on a flight to Tanzania. I had heard Antonio’s colognes are good and decided to try them. See you just confirmed that.
We laugh.
Oh men the way I was thinking I’d go to beauty options and just get a bottle :-(. So can I send you on your next trip?
More laughs
I don’t know when that will be
So what is your name?
Pleasure to meet you Nadia
The bus gets to town and we alight.
So I will be going this way I meet my cousin and we go to a meeting
I also like using the same street. It’s less crowded. I’m going to do some shopping for the house
Are you the type who go with one item in mind and end up buying other things not budgeted for?
My dear all women are like that
More laughs
I’ll be parting with you here
Sawa sawa
What’s your number
She takes my phone and keys it
When I get home I can tell you the actual name for the cologne
That will be great, have yourself a lovely day and try to reduce on the impulsive buying
I’ll try my best

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