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Losing my virginity…

 “Oh, screw it, let’s do it.”

Yes you better believe it I am going to talk about it today, but before we continue we could engage in a little game of show me yours I show you mine! How did you lose yours?

Well, *put some Usher voice* This is my confession: I finally found a girl who was reputed to go the whole way, and at one party we slipped upstairs into a remote bedroom. I was amazed when she let me push up her skirt and take off her knickers. As we began to make love, she started to moan and groan. She was clearly having a very erotic time. I was pretty pleased by how well I must be performing since she was panting and tossing her head from side to side as she fought to control her breathing. I put up a great show and finally came with equally impressive gusto, roaring and shouting and huffing and puffing. Then I rolled off her. To my astonishment she carried on panting, apparently having what I took to be ecstatic multiple orgasms. Just as I was beginning to feel a little bemused and somewhat redundant, I finally realised that she was panting for a reason.

‘Asthma!’ she wheezed in breathless panic. ‘Inhaler! Ambulance!’

I know I have been lazy for a while there, guess I am becoming old as they say about procrastination being a disease of old men… The episode above isn’t mine but oh my, boy would I have been glad if it were!  It is an excerpt from Richard Branson’s autobiography “Losing my virginity”. At least I tried to read a little and that is good, no?

Well if you are an entrepreneur or you wish to be one this is one book that will tell a story of a man who passed through so many challenges to become one of the world’s prominent billionaires, I say prominent because he is not media shy and always finds time to give out advice to up and coming entrepreneurs on the entrepreneur magazine.

In the book Branson speaks about how the name virgin was arrived at, since they were new in the business world or rather “virgins” they decided, “Oh screw it, let’s do it!” and lose the Business virginity! How they used to run their first businesses of magazines and selling records from the basement of a house which also doubled as their living quarters.

Branson speaks about taking risky adventures like the balloon ride around the world as a way of increasing visibility to the virgin brand. His battle with British Airways tells of a relentless man keen on the success of his business and how the top dogs try to stifle the underdogs even through unethical means. He also speaks of betrayal by some of his trusted lieutenants and how he lets them off without losing his eye on the goal, but the way he finds out about these betrayals though he calls it lucky mistakes, makes me think he did spy on guys he suspected, that is my opinion though I could be wrong 😀.

Risk taking is something that was encouraged in his family (you hear that parents and would be parents?) and he seemed to have taken up the attitude quite early. There is this time his aunt bets him ten shillings that he couldn’t learn how to swim in a fortnight, they go to the sea and the poor lad proves to be a “a natural sinker” like some of us we know ourselves stop giving me that weird look his aunt tells him “there is always next year”. On their way back Branson asks his dad to stop by a river so that he can give it another go ten shillings can be such a motivator, maybe that is all we need to learn something new, swimming included and guess what? Yes you already have, he finally manages to stay afloat and earn himself that glorious ten shillings.

The book is an interesting read and should be able to capture your attention from page one to the last, if you get engrossed in a book and forget how many pages remain to the last, this 500 plus page book will sure keep you hooked.

Happy holidays and remember to spare some money for January 😉

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