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9 songs to fall in love to

9 songs to fall in love to

I have come across some songs lately and not so lately that I think makes one want to fall in love… Take a listen.

So what do you think of my 9 songs to fall in love to?



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Soul Mates

I stumbled on this video as I was reading up on soul mates and it got me thinking, is there such thing as the one? Or do we have a probabilty of finding over 7 billion “the ones”?. The qualities you look for in a potential soul mate could be possessed by someone right in the Carribean, South Americas, Central Europe or South East Asia right? But as chance would have it you will never get to meet them in your lifetime….

soul mates

Do you think the concept of soul mates is real or a figment of our imaginations?


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Mpesa name confirmation function

On Monday I got a new update on my Mpesa service by Safaricom, I could now be able to confirm who the recipient to my transaction was, Yaaaay

With the Mpesa name confirmation function; no more lengthy reversal processes, I remember this one time I had to beg someone I had mistakenly send some cash to send it back to me. He promised to do so but after deducting KES 50 for the transaction fees. I was okay, at least he would send me something because I know people who had lost huge amounts of chumz and that was that.

Wait a minute, some concerns

Now if you do not have someone’s number and they are on Safaricom and registered for Mpesa, you do not need truecaller you can easily check up on them and bam, know who your mysterious contact’s name is.

On the flip side, some unscrupulous characters can decide ‘you know what, let us harvest peoples contacts’. Especially those guys always telling you that you have won this or that, it baffles me how people win things they never made entries for in the first place, I have never been a believer in quick money leave alone free money, I always think there are strings attached to it… You have to earn it. Anyway back to my concern, these people will easily convince gullible people, imagine this:


Now, imagine the guesses are your actual names? It becomes pretty convincing right? Because the bugger on the other end will know I am a man and not Halima. I understand that after five cancellations without an actual transaction the service will be suspended, but I have buts…

We have one major headache solved, I am happy about that, the new one that might pop up is the one I don’t know how it will be sorted… Or am I making a mountain out of a mole hill?


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Are you homeless?

They would meet for coffee and dinner once in a while

Every time he would see her off up to her gate

They would go through these motions over and over again

Then this day they met like they always did

He took her up to her house

She told him to get in and wait for her

She changed into jeans and a jumper

Let me see you off today


They went until they got to his gate

Well here we are

Aren’t you going to invite me in?

Oh, where are my manners, sure please come in

He opened the gate and let her in

Closed it behind him

Opened the door to his house and invited her in

They had some sweet hot chocolate…

As he returned after seeing her off

He couldn’t help but wonder

Did she think I am homeless?



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Microwave cake

I got to have my first microwave cake at Alex’s.

A cake in under 10 minutes that was magic!

So I was curious and had to learn this magic, so here we go


What you need

  • Microwave
  • Self raising flour (if you know how to mix baking powder and home baking flour then you can try that also, I never seem to get the ratios right)
  • Vanilla flavouring
  • Cocoa powder
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Salt
  • Raisins


Mix the ingredients well.

Put them to a 1/3 level of the container.

Set the microwave for 4 minutes. (This depends on the container, if you have a cup set 3 minutes, if you have a large bowl set 7 minutes).

Check if the cake has cooked inside with a fork

You then have your microwave cake

Microwaves cakes tend to be spongy, you can add chocolate, maple syrup or have them with custard [Alex ;-)] and have them for dessert

Try it out and let me know, enjoy


October 17, 2015 32427 PM GMT+0300



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Love is a scary thing

I don’t know if it’s me

Or I do it wrong

But every time my stupid heart

Falls for someone

They always want to give me a heart attack!

Maybe I worry too much

Maybe I love too much

Maybe I love wrong


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