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The hourglass keeps turning!

Time does fly!

Yes I’m older again!

No I haven’t figured out life completely yet.

Work is going on well.

Some goals I have achieved others I am yet to start working on them.

I have lost 5 kilos since January (Alex don’t slap me[On our very first meeting I know you had this idea I was a totally round character, shock on you] but I got to do this, a six-pack that doesn’t come in cans is all I want). Yes I joined a gym.

Yes there is a lady with a lovely behind in the gym, my motivation to attend 5 days workout sessions from the initial plan of 3 days sessions a week! Motivation!

I am more confident.

If I see a lady I like I approach her and the conversation ends with me asking for a phone number.

Rejection doesn’t hurt like it did before, I move on haraka upesi.

I am trying to de-clutter my life. Sometimes we hold onto baggage that holds us back for moving and seeing new paths/ opportunities/ possibilities.

I need to start dreaming big again. At some point I think I repressed this side of me. Big crazy ideas! Like my grandfather keeps telling me, ‘Think Big!’ I should.

Comfort zone seems to have given me a bear hug. Race of rats? Carrot on sticks? Maybe maybe not.

I see more work as a blessing, means I’ll earn my keep!

Yes, lady struggles, form a sizeable part, of the things I think about every 24 hours apportioned to me in a day.

I hope the struggle ends soon. That time could be spent on thinking how to make that first million ey?

I’m somewhat scared of what the future holds for me.

Uncertainty scares the shit out of me!

I like to plan my things. I can tell you what I will be doing on February 14th at 11 am.

I need to stop procrastinating!

I like to have a small circle of friends.

It takes time to make friends and it takes time to lose them. I like making friends for the long haul.

I still love food.

Seems my friends have learned how to bait me when they want to catch up…. That reminds me, someone owes me samosas. T-Tot samosas, best samosas in the country man. I have been around and no other place make samosas so good. When my cousin was expecting and craving them, her husband had to drive 58km at night to go get them no alternative was accepted lol. I hope when I am ready to cross that bridge the future mother of my kids wont have such cravings, though my friend used to crave papers I may as well pray the cravings will be favorable hehe.

My extended family seems to have quite a number of January babies! I don’t even want to delve into that.

My friends Moriaso and his girlfriend Christine organised a birthday party for ME man at their place. Bev, Dio, Pauline, Loise, Tony, Kev, Jose, Deno, Mwendwa, Zeph and everyone else who made it worthwhile I am grateful. Thank you. January babies learn with time how times are hard during the beginning of the year after Christmas merry making and lower their expectations on what they get for birthdays. We tend to appreciate what we get no matter how small, the thought and effort put into it is sufficient. I won’t write about who blacked out or did what, you can relax guys, Vegas ey? No mwaaing and telling yes?

I have a more optimistic outlook on the future.

I count my blessings every single day.

I am grateful for how far I have come and give my thanks.

May the hourglass keep turning many more turns.

The End! Of my monologue 😀


Mackel Tisa – As himself


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Fifteen through Twenty Five

Dear diary,

Today am turning a quarter a century old! Damn that’s old! I know its old because last Saturday my niece was turning two; When we got to the birthday girl’s home I see this beautiful lady and I make a mental note to get to know her as the party progresses, the event was filled with moms, aunties am sure she must have felt left out same way the only three male uncles felt. Such events bring together people you probably saw a year before, I decide to ask a cousin where her sister was, whom when I last saw I was a skinny Fifteen year old; she gives me that look (you know the look, that says more that the mouth is telling) and asks who the person seated right across was, shock on me! Ten years can transform a person no doubt, apparently my long time no see cousin had already recognised me while in my head I was going about some hot lady I just saw, ha! I have made a sweeping declaration that I will now ensure I visit all my family members extended or otherwise I don’t want to find myself making moves on family. Can you imagine the shock and embarrassment, had I continued with those cheesy lines from theTao of Badass?

Back to today, I thought something phenomenal would happen to mark such a milestone, maybe it is still coming. I think January babies have a hard time; it being the month immediately after Christmas holidays, everyone is usually following up on other pressing needs rather than give a hoot you have a birthday [check out twitter handles with January dates, those are people giving hints, please don’t forget to say give them a wish, hints can’t get stronger than that…], this makes us more understanding we are more empathetic I would like to think. The last time I ever saw a semblance of a gift despite the many hints and express suggestions I usually give was two years ago! Sucks right? I’m a man I should let it slide yes? Well, screw that I want some MPESA! That’s feels better now, being able to rant a little like a spoilt brat…. Okay am done!

Let me sober up, I shouldn’t get carried away. Above all I am grateful to God for the grace of living that long, I continue to count my blessings and am always amazed. At Fifteen, I used to dream big which hasn’t changed to date [and while at it, got hit with a duster so many times that I lost count, who schedules math class in afternoons anyway?]. I had envisioned two scenarios after school; either go into the business world or into flying. It seems the business option worked out [though am sure mom would have liked an Engineer out of me and am thankful she never forced me into it. I have seen people forced into career paths they hate and they resent their parents for that, so hey generation x and y parents allow your sons and daughters follow their hearts]. By work out I mean that I am in a field where I get to interact with different businesses and some really smart people. These people really widen the horizon of your thinking if you are keen; in my case if you impress me I will listen to the point of letting my guard down [hey con men don’t try this on my ass!].

At Fifteen I had this idea that by the time I hit twenty-five I would have been married, well sort of. I used to toy with the idea of starting a family early so that by the time I hit forty the nest is free from hormone imbalanced teens [can you believe such reasoning from a teen? I think I became self-aware early enough but that is story for another day], so that when “life begins” we can have no disruptions, it is just me and the missus and a lot of time to ourselves, oh boy the folly of youth! Now that I am twenty-five I am not even thinking of getting married or kids anytime soon, but if you have a wedding you can always invite me, who knows I might get jealous enough to change my mind hehehe.

Two years ago I was introduced to the concept of goal setting; look at it as persona performance management only in this case you are your own supervisor the drive has to come from within – Self Motivation. This enables you to focus on SMART objectives unlike resolutions which are based on feelings or for the moment [if you have already broken your new year’s resolution you can understand the difference]. I made some three-year goals in 2012 which I take everywhere in my goal card in my wallet, this helps you to keep on track and lose focus. This happens to be the last year I get to work towards achieving the few remaining goals and hopefully when I achieve them I will feel more inclined to talk about them more of brag sort of lol.

For now let me continue sending strong hints and express suggestions that I need gifts and start preparing on living the next quarter century of my life, the journey has just begun 🙂 but we will survive and I will keep you posted.

PS. On a totally unrelated note, I have lost 4 kilos since December but I still cannot see the buckle of my belt! I feel the abs already forming only that they are covered by a layer of fat but I am getting there 🙂 [Henry thinks am overly optimistic but 4 kilos is proof enough I can lose 4 more and get to a well-toned body, yes?]

In my playlist

Beautiful Soul ¬ Jesse McCartney



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Dreams Vs Reality

Today is my birthday dang I am getting old and fast. As a kid you want to grow up and when you finally do you start growing old and fast , really fast. Well I guess January babies are the best people to understand you when you say you are broke; if you know what having a birthday at a time when everyone is complaining of being broke and all that. Since I have been haggling for gifts and none is forthcoming I guess I better just steal some time and reflect on an older me, I don’t know if am getting any wiser though…



Growing up we have some of these dreams and we grow and we find ourselves in a totally different reality well here are some of my dreams and the realities:

  1. Number one has to be you yes you sending me a gift you know yourselves! Reality is I have to be content with receiving belated ones next week or later, guess I will get used to this being born at such a date, postponed birthdays? Who gets that?
  2. I heard someone said that by 25 men should have a car, well I also dreamt of that too, but the reality is, going at this rate, 25 (I can see you busy trying guess my age, STOP!) might find me still shoebaruing and legxusing around 😐
  3. We all have those big dreams of landing six figure salaries straight out of college, have these personas that did it and want to be like them. Well the reality is this; unless the six figures is per annum then someone lied to me or I am doing something wrong very very wrong hehe.
  4. I had this fantasy of getting a six pack two years down the line the reality is I cannot see my buckle anymore, maybe its time I tried those magic remedies I read on the Internet!
  5. Another reality is, Many of us experienced Njaanuary if you did then, I guess you also like me are trying to be financially stable, stability is all through the year, no? Not just you being stable in some months and unstable in others!!! 😛

I will continue this list later, I hope the realities will have started syncing with the dreams soon, wish me luck :-).

Now I want that gift!


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