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Jump More, Bitch Less!

It has been over a year since I first wrote down this bucket list, well it finally happened 🙂 I let someone tie up a rope on my feet and jumped 60 metres down! Yes I did it. It started in January, when Roger talked about doing bungee and I crashed in on the idea, doing it as a group is more fun than doing a lone jump right? All plans were set for the jump to take place in April, come April I took my annual leave in preparation for this big event, okay I was scared I needed one week to convince myself I could do it… Mid-week into my leave Simon calls us to cancel our jump, due to high water levels following the heavy rains that fell. Simon is one cool chap who was key to organising the whole event logistics and everything else, he runs airwaves travel and tours. Now where was I? Yes, with the jump being cancelled I pushed that to the back of my head somehow forgot about it till sometimes towards the end of June.

The conversation was rekindled and a date agreed upon. Like everyone who has never done a jump before I was all cocky asking questions like “Can one jump twice?” as I was later to realise, you can, only if you have balls of steel! Simon calls us and makes the meeting time 9 am and departure at 9.30 am, and guess what? African timing is what happened! We left at almost 11 am, but I will not complain…. This jump coincided with some pretty big life decisions, most of the way and back my head was filled up with many thoughts and what if scenarios but that is another post all together. After about an hour and a half we spot the White water signboard, take a dirt road and after about three kilometres we arrive.

Andreas is the guy who runs the place with his wife, he starts by joking that it is his first time on the jumping job, I later learn he has done it for thirteen years and the rafting for twenty. We sign off our liability release forms and Jackie is our first volunteer, I was to go second but imaginary pee just built up from nowhere, don’t even dare laugh! She is all psyched up and up the steps she climbs, when she finally gets to the cage butterflies built up and quick, she decided to postpone her jump. As we are busy debating whether to jump or not Sophie was really pushing Jackie back to go and take the leap, I saw a natural leader there. She felt as if it was her loss, if I ever have a team building activity I already have a pick… I hope this did not spoil the psyche for those who came to see it first before they later come for a jump that is Jess, Douglas and John. Roger did the first jump, however the quality is not very good as I used my phone once I get the other videos I will upload them also. Next was Simon, he runs a company called nitume services they will run errands for you at a fee and save you the headache of doing these errands yourself as you concentrate on the important things. Simon just jumped! No countdown, no warning, no nothing just kamikaze! After Simon there was Edna, Budgery she did a back jump a tricky jump followed by yours truly, Asha, Aaron and Harris.

Aaron was that guy teasing us as we prepared to jump, apparently the people who were to jump had grown very quiet lol. Harris was almost a no show because of a surgery he did when he was four years old. But the good thing is he jumped ey? As I was going up that sixty metres of metal to jump the two sides of fear and courage kept fighting, what if I fell and died? What if I slip off this metal pole and crash? What if this metal bar snaps? I had so many what ifs. The other side kept on telling me to climb, fear is only in the mind, it is not real, I have to risk a little, with high risks comes even higher returns yes? I managed to fight my phobia of heights and reach the top, one piece of advice if you are scared of height when you go is just keep going don’t try to measure up where you have come from. Though the top seems so so far away. I found Budgery ready for her jump and waited, she pulled the first and only back fall that day. Andreas asks how close to the water would I want to get and I wanted to touch it not get dipped, just touch. As he fastened the safety locks and harnessed my legs I had my last thoughts of pulling out, they say you can learn to control every other part of your body when you are nervous but your legs will find a way to sell you out. I trembled for a while and when the cageThe bungee crane finally opened it was time to jump 5… 4… 3… 2… 11111(Read Oooooooone!) and I just let go. 77 kilo bag of bones is no joke, I was going down so fast I couldn’t think. I lost my breath in the first ten seconds and as the rope yanked and stretched all I could think was “this is awesome, what was I so afraid about?” Aaron took the next jump, which came as a surprise being the guy who was always taunting us! Asha followed and her fear and courage sides were fighting openly, she later made us laugh saying what made her jump is trying to imagine the pair of shoes in that one jump! Lol. She also spotted the sticker on the cage “Jump more bitch less!” she runs Turande here. Next time I will remember to check out for and capture it. Harris was the biggest surprise, he is that guy who deserves a beer, his fear started when he read the liability release form but he finally decided screw it he’ll do it.

Now am done with two items in my bucket list, on to the next one 😉


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Bits and pieces

The year is flying past quite fast, just the other day I was making goals and resolutions and now I have to sit and take stock of the progress so far. More so like a mid-year audit and sometimes the reality check is not so pleasant.

Well, let me stop with my biggest challenge in terms of goals which has been weight management, this time last year I was hovering around 65kgs (welterweight) come December 2012 I was a light heavy weight a whooping 80kgs of meat (and mostly fat, lol) tell me that is not scary? That meant several wardrobe overhauls since my size 32 trousers could no longer fit. This year I decided all that had to go, I loved my skinny self better…  don’t we all anyway? Going by the number of people who auditioned for slim possible? So I got myself a partner who also had the same goal and every weekend we’d go out for our calorie burning mission, I have to admit she beat my ass every time we did a 100 meter dash, good thing I did not get too cocky beforehand and start making bets as I always do, I would have made big loses there. Come July 2013, I have managed to shed… wait for it *drum rolls please* 6 kgs 🙂 and which I am proud of but my BMI calculator says 70kgs is my ideal weight so for the remaining five and half months those four kgs have to go and at least a two pack thrown in there, I will also pray that no additional calories other than those I need enter…

On the professional front I have been able to scale up from an entry level position last year. At least the learning curve keeps on going, but then I have been very lazy following up on some of the start-ups I want to begin and some ideas I need to execute. The procrastinator devil seems to have had his way with me there, but I still have time before the end of the year ey? Five and half months can make a huge difference I believe, no?

I am ashamed of my volunteer work this year, same with my hobbies which have been thrown in the basement. I am supposed to work on some pro bono work but that cannot be enough I will need to make some more time for that.

Lastly I know I promised to let myself get into a relationship this year, well let’s just say I love my comfort zone way better…


Last weekend a close friend told me of an incident where her friend went out with some guys and she got spiked and was raped. When she told me about it, I told her to take the doctors report and take it with them to the police. Yesterday when I followed up, apparently the victim knows her attacker and does not want to seek legal redress and it set on some unspecific form of vengeance. This got me thinking, why would you want someone who has done you harm just walk about free but make plans on other forms of vengeance, would slapping (or any other form of revenge) him in public be justice enough?


Today being Monday I did not do my #TGIM piece but nonetheless I am grateful and still counting my blessings. Yourself?


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What are you excited about? #TGIM

Happy new month! This month there are a few things I am excited about, things that add some shine it being a Monday. Here is my list, as you read mine I hope you have yours ready, I want to hear of it too;

  • I am excited that my three friends graduated on Friday, even though I couldn’t attend all the parties, I think now I can mentor someone on the little I have learned and gained so far hehehe;
  • I am excited that Geoffrey another friend is starting on his new job mid this month. The job will put him on a new course of his life, demand so much from him and his family, he may even have to change some of his values and viewpoints! That said, these two weeks maybe the only time we ever have so much time with him. I am excited since it has been a hustle for him from straightening things out at school to this point. A yo Geoff, when you get that first salary I want a piece of it;
  • I am excited that this is new months, time to keep on pursuing happiness and trying out new possibilities; and finally
  • I am excited of my new role at work, this means more responsibility, I just hope the perks manifest themselves soon…

There you have it, what are you excited about this Monday? Please share, thank God its Monday 🙂


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