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I would meet her frequently on the corridors, she almost always busted me doing my crazy dance every time I was alone in the elevator. Then with frequency of these meetings familiarity started breeding. She was pretty, that she was abundantly!

We both get into the elevator at the same time. And it’s only the two of us.
What’s your name?
I always see you on the corridors, what do you do?
I with XY firm
Oh that’s great
You are with AB right?
Yes I am
The lift gets to the mezzanine and I have to get off
So I’ll be getting off here holding the door so it doesn’t move
Okay, I’m taking an early leave today
Wait, so what’s your number?
Will you call if I give it to you?
Sure, why the heck not?
She tells me her number
Well, you enjoy the remaining part of your day
Will do, so should you…
I am, see this points at my silly grin, I put it on when I’m playful, all teeth out
Two days later, I text her “hey G, how are you doing? M”
Heeey M, I’m 28 years and single! I am saved and look love the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal saviour.
I look at that text. Read it, reread it, it came like a blow to me. I tell my boy about it and laughs at me “you got yourself a wife right there man haha”. I’m not amused.
So are you ready to mingle, we have this nice Kesha (overnight worship) service every Friday in our church I would love it if you joined me :-).
Errm I cannot join you on that one maybe someday I will but don’t ask me when 🙄
Hmm she has this smile that seems to say she can read my thoughts. Thank God for not making telepathy real
Do you have a charger/ flash drive? Can I borrow your charger/ flash drive? Those were the excuses to pop in our office. I would hand them with a smile. But deep down I always knew that the road Gabriella wanted me to take, I was not ready for!
One Tuesday she pops in
Hey we’ll be moving offices
Oh snap, no, why?
We are getting bigger floor space not far from here
I will miss you I sure meant it from the bottoms of my heart!
I will miss you too, you can always come and say hi, there will always be tea/ coffee for you
I grin, the silly grin
I’ll take you up on that Gabriella
It has been months down the line, I haven’t gone to take up my offer on coffee. She was a good girl, Gabriella, but I guess I sometimes the right things/person happens at the wrong time! What do you think?

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