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Of true leaders and wannabes

As I write this I just encountered a rough and uncut wannabe leader and the encounter just got me thinking, are leaders really born or are they created? If they are born is it a given that they will mature up to fill up the shoes that await them? And if they are made, how much polishing do they need before we can tag them as such; so and so is a leader, that is peoples person, or even say I never thought he would smooth out those rough edges so quick.

We have all these gurus and many books talking about leadership, but all I want to hear now is, what are your expectations before you can call someone a leader?

Number one for me is never try to be a bully, I don’t take that….

I want to hear number two three etc from you… come on go on


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Clothing my nudity!

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth. ~ Oscar Wilde.


Pulling down the blinds ~ Curtains closed.

I knew her not,

Image from wikipedia

Neither did she, me,

Perfect strangers

On this sunny morning,


in a boulevard

Of loneliness…


I stretched my lips

And she beamed in return,

Held out my hand

And she locked her fingers with mine.

I let her in,

Shared my vulnerabilities,

Removed all the masks that I had,

Broke down those walls

I had fortified, for so many years,

I was naked in her eyes,

Butt naked,

Naked to the core.


I made my heart be like an open book,

So she would read and write on the walls,

I rebuilt the walls with glass,

And let the light in,

It radiated everywhere,

And made the darkness scamper.


The last thing we wanted is hurt

Or get hurt,

But Life is a bitch, “c’est la vie”,

It was, still, on the list!


Photo from Eirasi

The sun has now set for this day,

And different turns we must now take,

Unlock our fingers

And whisper goodbyes,

It is now time to pull down the blinds

And close the curtains

So that no more peeping Toms

Can see what lies therein.


Image from google

As the blinds come down,

And the curtains fall,

I am dusting my masks

Ready to wear them,

Bringing back the comfort,

Of being unseen again!


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