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Exorcising those demons!

Everyone has baggage, sure you can stick to the small talk and pretend its not there, but sooner or later…. Yea h i ts th ere. And just like that kids my baggage didn’t seem so quite heavy any more. You see everyone got some baggage, its part of life but like anything else it is easier when someone gives you a hand with it. Ted Mosby, How I met your mother.

All of us have a past, one that we are proud of, or, one that we wish to forget about! Even those people whose lives seems to be fulfilling I am sure they have some elements in the past that they would like to forget about. That is why we invented closets! We keep the bad things of our past and present in there somewhere and put huge locks so that no one else gets to know what’s inside.

Some closets have skeletons, others have spider webs and maybe, just maybe others are clean… We often hear of how things seldom are what they seem, skim milk masquerades as cream! That said I talk the last part of the previous sentence back; I hardly think there is anyone with a clean closet; there has to be something.

Before you start anticipating that I am about to start confessing about the skeletons in this closet of mine, hold your horses, not today maybe tomorrow, the African tomorrow 😉

This topic has been nagging me for a while and I don’t know what to write about it; but here is my two cents worth into the keyboard onto your screen. There is something that you have been meaning to do for a while, that I know, but then there are things that hold you back, things which tell you that; you can’t do it, you’ll fail, you are not good enough, fear… these are the skulls, rats and roaches am talking about.

We try peeping into other peoples closets just so we validate our own closets; we want to laugh at others closets, see how they are a mess or envy how they seem brighter, livelier than ours. And that is why today am taking a broom, yes a broomstick and I’ll sweep them all and throw them out and not under the carpet! Just as with every task two hands are better than one so when I find someone with a closet that needs cleaning I’ll help out hoping you’ll reciprocate as this will make the task lighter.

After cleaning it all out, I’m putting some air freshener and try not to let any more skulls pile, or rats and roaches enter; in Short I’ll say NO TO BAGGAGE in my closet! I hope you clean yours too.


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After the desert the promised land awaits!

I had my forty in the desert, like Moses did and no not because my pride wouldn’t let me ask for directions or that I was lost, no! I was just stuck there and no matter how strong my will was all I could manage was a trudge to the promised land. We all have a desert at least once in our lives, a trying time that changes our perspective, the way we view and live life.


For some time the desert winds blew me back, the sun dried me up, thirst and hunger really beat me senseless, but I couldn’t let that wear me down I had to see that promised land… hope and faith were the forces that had me going. There are points we reach in our lives that we start questioning why things happen to us the way they do just like Job in the Bible wondered why he suddenly became poor whilst he was the richest man around at that time. But as he did, we have to have that faith and hope  to hang on to because after the stormiest of weathers sunshine still comes in the morning. So there I was just circling the desert, only to find myself where I had begun, the sense of direction seemed to have gotten lost somewhere along the sandy paths. One thing I thank God for the desert is there aren’t any scavengers, hyenas and vultures because the story would have been different now. There are times when the strength would fail me but the journey had to continue… as at now I see the promised land, I have renewed my strength, for I crave milk and Honey and so when you see me run, know am almost there…

Have a Promising 2011. 🙂


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