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Its been six years! Happy Anniversary Mackel9's Blog

Happy 6th Anniversary to Mackel9’s Blog! It is now 6 years down this line of random stories from the experiences all around the world. I would like to thank all of you fam and a special mention goes to @Woolie he is never shy to leave a trail. That is not to leave out the ghost readers, I always see you in my stats, Thank you! 🙂

Happy 6th anniversary @mackel9'sblog

Happy 6th anniversary @mackel9‘sblog


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Who I am and why I’m here

Hello there, are you there can you hear me?

So after a long time trying to balance time to update my diary and work and the rest of what I call my life now, I realised I hardly have enough time to write on this blog. And like that couple that has be so engrossed with life they forget each other until that day the children start leaving the nest for university and then it hits you, “we are actually a couple, how did it get to this, how did we get here?” I had my “I used to blog, my life was not this “too busy” how did I get here? I realised I needed to do something, and that something is joining blogging 101 courtesy of wordpress’ Blogging University.

So I am now doing my day one assignment, “who I am and why I am here“, Well it has been six years since I started a blog. I just wanted to write and tell stories, being an introvert, my stories don’t always strike a chord with everyone, so as they say I needed to find chickens of a feather to flock with. Oh crap, I didn’t introduce myself did I? Well, I am Mackel Tisa, I am random, like super random, I think life is too serious and tend to be drawn to people who are less serious, who can take a joke, and make me laugh even when they tell you the baddest stuff… I am wild at times but most I am the quiet guy at the corner watching watching what everyone else is doing.

Now on why I am here, well, it started with me just writing for the love of just letting myself out there in a mask. Then I met a friend who told me “oh, so you have a blog? do you know you can make crazy sums of money from working online?” I was like “oh, really!”. Show me how. They showed me a few tricks. Being the procrastinator I am, I tried them but not too wholeheartedly, after few months and my account had $0.50 I decided to leave “making money online to the pros” and continue telling my stories because maybe they make someone laugh or relate going by the feedback I get on twitter. Isn’t it funny that most of the people who also read my blog like being anonymous? They leave feedback everywhere else except my comment section.

Mackel Tisa tell us, what do you write about? I write about life and the experiences I go through and for those who have been following me through out the years might have noticed the transition from college, partying and binge drinking to more on love the the struggles in embracing it. I think I have never sat and thought, “who do I really want to read my blog” I however know who I wouldn’t want to read it….

What I want to achieve this year? I want to have more posts and more hits, yes the hits do matter. I hope that when I write I will get more people can identify with what I am writing and not alienate anyone….

Anything I left out? Please leave a comment 🙂



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Lenovo Vibe Shot in Kenya

Lenovo Vibe Shot: For Those Who Do

Lenovo Vibe Shot: For Those Who Do

I had been looking for a new phone for a while, because my phone was always getting memory filled up and after a firmware upgrade to jelly bean my phone had stopped working on 3g networks. And when it would agree to work, it would heat up enough to pop corn!

I started by identifying this Lenovo X2 Pro, it was everything I was looking for. But Lenovo were playing games, by pushing the release date. I then started looking for alternatives, that’s when I saw the announcement for Lenovo Vibe Shot, after checking the specs, I knew I had found what I had been searching for all along. I started following the vibe shot and changed my goal posts from the X2 pro completely.

Finally the release was announced first in China, Lenovo guys are mean, or rather home first ey?  The rest of the world version would take a while, and it sure too its sweet time. I decided I would buy the Chinese version and go to the Lenovo Russian forum to check if I could get a ROW ROM.


I start out at alibaba, and start looking for quotes. The phone is too damned expensive; I ask a local dealer how much they would get the phone for me at. They tell me to wait at least three months for the prices to stabilise. I cannot understand the logic at that particular moment but I am really desperate to get the phone. It is while I am rummaging through alibaba I discover aliexpress.


The main difference between alibaba and aliexpress despite them being under the same holding company is, with alibaba there is a lot of back and forth as you negotiate with the buyer.  With aliexpress you can buy and checkout your item in one click. I bought some items to test whether the site would be legit and not give me problems like My items arrived well after three weeks and now I was rearing to go. My biggest problem would be customs and I also had heard stories of things getting lost before they could reach the final recipients.

I remember that one of the amazing people I follow online, Savvy had mentioned she would be making a trip back to get her baby Jeremy. I reach out to her and sure enough she agrees to bring me the phone. I buy and use her address as I check out and then the wait. When Savvy was counting down coming back to reunite with Jeremy, I was also counting down haha. The day finally comes and She brings me the phone with a couple other stuff I had bought. Savvy is one cool lady from the first impressions I made that day :-).

Lenovo Vibe Shot

The main reason I got it was the internal storage, battery capacity and the camera. The additional details are as follows:

  • Aluminum frame with Gorilla Glass 3 on the front and back
  • Dual-SIM dual-standby capability
  • 5″ 1080p IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 441ppi
  • Octa-core Cortex-A53 CPU (4x 1.7GHz plus 4x 1.0GHz), 3GB of RAM, Adreno 405 GPU; Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset
  • 32GB of built-in storage; microSD card slot (up to 128GB)
  • Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
  • 16MP laser autofocus camera, triple-LED flash; HDR, Pro mode, Panorama
  • 1080@30fps video
  • 8MP front camera, 1080p video recording; wide selfie
  • 4 LTE (150/50Mbps); dual-band Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, hotspot, Wi-Fi direct; Bluetooth 4.1 LE; GPS/GLONASS; microUSB
  • 3,000mAh Li-Po battery capacity
  • 5mm headphone jack, active noise cancellation with a dedicated mic

You can find the techie reviews on the phone on the leading review sites and can get it or arrange to get it from Avechi in Kenya.

 Here are some photos from the lenovo vibe shot.

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Mpesa name confirmation function

On Monday I got a new update on my Mpesa service by Safaricom, I could now be able to confirm who the recipient to my transaction was, Yaaaay

With the Mpesa name confirmation function; no more lengthy reversal processes, I remember this one time I had to beg someone I had mistakenly send some cash to send it back to me. He promised to do so but after deducting KES 50 for the transaction fees. I was okay, at least he would send me something because I know people who had lost huge amounts of chumz and that was that.

Wait a minute, some concerns

Now if you do not have someone’s number and they are on Safaricom and registered for Mpesa, you do not need truecaller you can easily check up on them and bam, know who your mysterious contact’s name is.

On the flip side, some unscrupulous characters can decide ‘you know what, let us harvest peoples contacts’. Especially those guys always telling you that you have won this or that, it baffles me how people win things they never made entries for in the first place, I have never been a believer in quick money leave alone free money, I always think there are strings attached to it… You have to earn it. Anyway back to my concern, these people will easily convince gullible people, imagine this:


Now, imagine the guesses are your actual names? It becomes pretty convincing right? Because the bugger on the other end will know I am a man and not Halima. I understand that after five cancellations without an actual transaction the service will be suspended, but I have buts…

We have one major headache solved, I am happy about that, the new one that might pop up is the one I don’t know how it will be sorted… Or am I making a mountain out of a mole hill?


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Letter to my nineteen year old self

Dear younger M,

How are you man? No, like how are you really doing? I know you are liking your freshman year it is not like anything you ever imagined. Although mom thwarted all plans to go to that university furthest from home, because in your silliness (yup young and foolish) you mentioned how you would be partying in Uganda every weekend, you will later come to appreciate it was probably for your best interest.

I know your ambitions as great, she always told you to be all rounded and you intend in doing just that. However you will need to learn how to balance it is easy to trip and find yourself on the wrong side. Call it work play balance for now, later you will be hearing about work life balance and that will be the real shit because a thin line will be drawn. But as long as you learn to balance on that rope you will be good.

You will need to grow a thick skin, not every person is sensitive and keen not to trample on your feelings, ego, aspirations and everything else that you care about.

All those opportunities to jump into entrepreneurship take them, do not listen to the naysayers, tell you what? After the first two failures the third one was going to work out, only if you held out enough.

You will need to work on your anger, it make you hurt the people you really care about. You will also need to work on your patience, I know your generation is the here and now, you want it now now. Unfortunately your generation is not the one calling the shots you will need to adapt or you will end up disillusioned.

If you want to go into business, trust me family is not where you are looking for partners. You have seen enough friends get messed up by those they trusted the most. But you need to learn how to trust, it is essential if your relationships are to grow.

Speaking of which, you know all those girls you were so afraid to talk to back then? You will find that they would have responded positively had you grown a pair and made the first move, you will be surprised some feel the same way. Trying does not cost anything. The worst that will ever happen is getting a no. That is more bearable trust me than the what ifs that haunt you way later.

That stupid fear of failure is one thing you will need to manage because it will always hold you back from life changing opportunities. Also work on that procrastination as uncle Bon told you, it is an old man’s disease.

Your dreams and goals some you get to achieve, others will need more time. But don’t lose your ability to dream it will keep you sane.

Keep your friendships well, you will find family in them. On family, remember those small cousins of yours? They will one day grow and you start talking about things you never would have thought they were able to ever discuss with you. Remember some people look up to you, be sensible be responsible.

For now,
Yours sincerely
Older and wiser



And open your eyes!

I have finally finalized moving, to a new self-hosted site, you can now head over there and subscribe afresh :-), See you on the other side…




In the next a couple of weeks I will be moving this diary to a self hosted platform, and being me, I will be doing a lot of tinkering here and there since I do not plan having a professional help with it or rather I don’t want to pay for it, I’m cheap like that :-D. In the mean time I will find how to move a blog for dummies and find my way around the new host. If you find missing stuff or misplaced stuff do let me know :-).

To a hopefully bigger better house ey? Lets hope so 🙂


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