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Time bound friendships


Earlier on I had a problem grasping that through life there will be friendships built on a common but a short term goal. I thought I need to fight and keep in contact all through. But as I get older I understand that some will be only for a while… No need to cling on what once was but focus on enjoying the moment, making it memorable to those friends that when they remember you they have a reason to smile.
The friend you were arrested and they also insisted you both be arrested. The friend you started a ka biashara that was a flop. The friend you went to adrenaline hiked events. The friend who pushes you to your limits some you never knew you could get to. The friend who you drove across the country with, when they could have easily delegated that.  You name them…
Some will stay others you will be sending seasons greetings but the memories have to remain good ones. When you have a moment to get into someone’s life, let the memories elicit smiles than frowns, won’t you?



On a totally unrelated note, I heard this jam by Ludacris ft Miguel over the weekend and totally loved it, take a listen… 🙂


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What are you excited about? #TGIM

Happy new month! This month there are a few things I am excited about, things that add some shine it being a Monday. Here is my list, as you read mine I hope you have yours ready, I want to hear of it too;

  • I am excited that my three friends graduated on Friday, even though I couldn’t attend all the parties, I think now I can mentor someone on the little I have learned and gained so far hehehe;
  • I am excited that Geoffrey another friend is starting on his new job mid this month. The job will put him on a new course of his life, demand so much from him and his family, he may even have to change some of his values and viewpoints! That said, these two weeks maybe the only time we ever have so much time with him. I am excited since it has been a hustle for him from straightening things out at school to this point. A yo Geoff, when you get that first salary I want a piece of it;
  • I am excited that this is new months, time to keep on pursuing happiness and trying out new possibilities; and finally
  • I am excited of my new role at work, this means more responsibility, I just hope the perks manifest themselves soon…

There you have it, what are you excited about this Monday? Please share, thank God its Monday 🙂


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