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Truth or Dare

Around a fire they sat
Most new faces, some familiar
As the night ebbed away
A game they suggest
To keep the snoozing faces awake
Truth or dare it was
Truth or dare he was asked
Pants he was dared to remove
We just met
How can we escalate so quick?
A dare was a dare he was told
All around even the snoozing faces
Seemed awake and amused
He had no shorts he protested
None of it they wanted to hear….


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He Snored. She screamed!

He snored
She jolted
And screamed!
She had never heard
Anyone snore before!




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It’s Saturday mid day
I’m going for a family meet up
It is sweltering hot
I board this bus with moderate music
I’m feeling playful today and decide I won’t put a serious face and I will try to smile
She is wearing yellow dress with a moderate frame
She was smelling heavenly
I love what you are wearing
Oh the dress? Thank you
Well, the dress is nice too, but I meant your cologne
She laughs. Oh that?
Thinking to self, some sense of humor great!
So, it is by Antonio Banderas, I don’t know the name.
It is really nice, where do people get such?
Oh. Got it on a flight to Tanzania. I had heard Antonio’s colognes are good and decided to try them. See you just confirmed that.
We laugh.
Oh men the way I was thinking I’d go to beauty options and just get a bottle :-(. So can I send you on your next trip?
More laughs
I don’t know when that will be
So what is your name?
Pleasure to meet you Nadia
The bus gets to town and we alight.
So I will be going this way I meet my cousin and we go to a meeting
I also like using the same street. It’s less crowded. I’m going to do some shopping for the house
Are you the type who go with one item in mind and end up buying other things not budgeted for?
My dear all women are like that
More laughs
I’ll be parting with you here
Sawa sawa
What’s your number
She takes my phone and keys it
When I get home I can tell you the actual name for the cologne
That will be great, have yourself a lovely day and try to reduce on the impulsive buying
I’ll try my best

PS. Did this post on the bus using the WordPress app. I’m trying to figure out how it works 🙂


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