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Why workaholics seldom have sex

They put in long hours; workaholics

Most times than not end up carrying work home

In a week they sit on the couch and black out with lights on till the next day three or four times

And the day starts before they can even realise they have slept or it was just a nap

Their eyes are kept open by the tons of coffee they take

When one is feeling like a zombie, when will they get time and energy?

Work hard party hard never sex hard…

Does that make sense? Anyone?



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Time bound friendships


Earlier on I had a problem grasping that through life there will be friendships built on a common but a short term goal. I thought I need to fight and keep in contact all through. But as I get older I understand that some will be only for a while… No need to cling on what once was but focus on enjoying the moment, making it memorable to those friends that when they remember you they have a reason to smile.
The friend you were arrested and they also insisted you both be arrested. The friend you started a ka biashara that was a flop. The friend you went to adrenaline hiked events. The friend who pushes you to your limits some you never knew you could get to. The friend who you drove across the country with, when they could have easily delegated that.  You name them…
Some will stay others you will be sending seasons greetings but the memories have to remain good ones. When you have a moment to get into someone’s life, let the memories elicit smiles than frowns, won’t you?



On a totally unrelated note, I heard this jam by Ludacris ft Miguel over the weekend and totally loved it, take a listen… 🙂


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Angry sex

She made him really angry,
As he was steaming in anger she told him to have her,
He was thrown off balance and confused for a moment,
Then still seething, tore her clothes,
And had her in the roughest way,
She later told him she had her first orgasm since they started seeing each other,
He was left wondering whether he had been tricked into some weird sexual fantasy….




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The Wise Guy


I told him a story,
He took a moment,
And thought deeply,
Took a deep breath and told me,
The secret my friend is perseverance,
You have got to stop giving up too soon….



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Safaricom Customer Service – Different approaches

Good Service makes the difference Chalk Illustration

Good Service makes the difference Chalk Illustration

I walk into this Safaricom shop in a mall
I ask the Safaricom customer service executive if they have the 4G sim cards
We do, but what phone do you have? This area is not covered by the network and additionally the 4G network drains your battery.
I tell them thank you and leave. I am wondering what they take me for? Don’t I know all that? Didn’t I spent whole morning researching on the pros and cons? Don’t I also know areas covered and would I be silly to raise my expectations if I knew I would buy something I wouldn’t be able to use?
I as I go to work the following work week, I decide let me try the town shop. This nice gentleman comes and greets me and asks what I need. Which I tell him. Five minutes down the line I decide I might get late and go ask him if they have the sim cutter which would somewhat help me. As if reading my mind, he thinks for a second and responds “sir what you need is a 4G sim card and that you will get, just queue here” as I go to get served I am thinking, yes I would have had my sim cut but as he said, almost like anticipating it, I would not have been satisfied. I get my sim and happily walk away.
Later is when I wonder, don’t all these executives undergo the same training? Because next time I have a problem I will happily queue for one hour to get served at that gentleman’s station…
PS. I wish I had got his name but I know if you have visited the Shop on Moi avenue you might have encountered him, I salute you sir.
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Kids with guns!

It has been two years now since I moved out here
At first it was nice and quiet
As more and more buildings keep on coming up the buzz grew
But over the last few months things haven’t been the same
There are kids with guns walking the alleyways
Even the cab and boda boda guys seem terrified bringing you home
What kind of life is this, where you live in fear?


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The older woman

I met her purely by accident
She didn’t waste time asking mine and letting me know hers
At my age she kept wondering
Why I wasn’t wild like other men in the same group
Here and there, unsettled like the goat billy is how I should be
After it hit her I wasn’t about to change
She then gave me some advice I will never forget
Run after the skirts, but always make sure
The ones you run after have something between their ears
For that will be the difference between growth or death
Look for someone who, pushes your limits
Beauty is just details….