Monthly Archives: August 2015

Can't beg, won't beg

Every time he would beg

Every time he got a rejection

After begging

He would feel worse about himself

He decided to stop begging

They said he bacame aloof


It was just a wall he created

To protect the vulnerable inner self…



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Keep moving!

What the nos taught me
Was I had to keep moving
And stop asking why
Maybe further ahead
A yes awaits you 🙂


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Truth or Dare

Around a fire they sat
Most new faces, some familiar
As the night ebbed away
A game they suggest
To keep the snoozing faces awake
Truth or dare it was
Truth or dare he was asked
Pants he was dared to remove
We just met
How can we escalate so quick?
A dare was a dare he was told
All around even the snoozing faces
Seemed awake and amused
He had no shorts he protested
None of it they wanted to hear….


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