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I am in a phase in life where I am experimenting a lot and I find myself in search of a mentor, a guide, a coach someone who “has been there done that” I need someone to tell me “son that path will lead you into deep shit avoid it at all costs!” This search has been as a realization that there is a lot that I do not need to experience on my own there are avoidable mistakes or so I think…

I started with identifying people who are where I want to be and probably have passed through the same experiences I am going through at the moment and settled on a few, then the courtship began courting grown ass people is hard! Let’s just say that people who have been there done that are “busy” people and getting a spare moment when they can listen to your mundane problems is hard unless of course you can be able to show them what is in it for them… cutting a short story long the search is yet to bear any fruit or maybe just maybe my courtship methods are flawed! I have resorted to books in a quest to find answers I seek and stalking some of the people I admire like Allan here, I hope the answers will not stay hidden far away…

Do you feel like you need a mentor? Suppose you just got a new job, started a new company, finished college, got married do you feel the need to seek guidance in the new paths unknown and uncertain to you but maybe known to another? Share your thoughts.


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