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Misplaced priorities?

Recently Kenyans have been hearing that we will be having cctv’s everywhere which are supposed to enhance surveillance and security, but one thing bugs me in that equation. Every time I go to my home town I get a new police hotline which I cannot even memorize, same thing happens whenever I move neighborhoods; I have to start looking for a new hotline and the nearest police station or post. What happened to the simple 999 emergency hotline? Before we go to all this new technology, why not first upgrade what we have. Refurbish our emergency switchboards, ensure that there are people on call and others ready for dispatch 24/7 365 days a year? What happens when someone has an emergency in an  area where they do not have the hotline numbers? What are some areas in public service do you think we have misplaced priorities?


Two months without Gee :-(

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It started with a trip to the Orange shop to see about her, I was told she was transferred to Westlands. I followed her there and was told she had gone to be with another dealer. I was told to wait for two weeks before I could be able to see her again. I was devastated, two weeks? Really? But when you want someone/thing you have to be patient, good things come to those who wait, no? Maybe; I do not know, you tell me!!

There I was after two weeks, I went back to see on her.  I was told she was still away and that, they would call me when she gets back. From there it became a game of; come this week by Friday, to next Friday, to after ten days, to finally a month, then two!

I used to get texts and emails about her, that they had sent spare parts from the source. I was told it took ten to fifteen days for them to get to here from there and a week for them to be put on her. As you might have started interpreting I am talking about my laptop, Gee. She is an acer aspire, she got a little cover problem below the touchpad that could have been sorted out easily under the warranty. But as acer after sales service would have it, from the various dealers I have been to, are unreasonably slow here in Kenya. I am still not sure if I will find her problem sorted, if not I will just take her like the “unconditional love” pill and have her back with all her flaws…

After thought

If you are planning on buying an acer machine be ready to experience bad after sales service in Kenya. The dealers usually tell you before taking it in that it will stay for more than two weeks, which might turn to two months in my case. What is your after sales experience for something you once bought? Good? Bad? Do tell…


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