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Last week when Ruto was being interviewed at Churchill live, he talked about his debut in politics back then in 1997, which got me thinking about acceptance. If you watched you’ll remember how he said that even the president at that time was opposed to his candidature he wanted people who were ‘known’ and their backgrounds were clear to the electorate. But even with this opposition his spirit didn’t dampen he went on to win the election.
At some point in our lives we all have to fight for acceptance in our social circles, school, work places you name it. If you are a man and you have a spouse or girlfriend and she prescribes to the hard to get school of thought you might understand me better because then you really have to sweat it to win her. There are the cliques we identify ourselves with, those too you find yourself conforming to their beliefs in order to be accepted as one of the team.
One of my favourite quotes is from the movie avatar “Every person is born twice; second one is when you earn your place among the people forever!” that always reminds me that acceptance is a never ending battle. The acceptance fight is inevitable every time we enter new territories. For example; you have a new company, you have to fight for your market share, even if it means wrestling it out of your competitor’s mouth. Last week a friend was telling me how he had to fake it in order to gain a contract; borrowing cars, business lunches, giving that first impression and all that mumbo jumbo that goes in winning someone over.
Every brand manager will tell you the hustle they too, have to go through gaining customers acceptance for their new products. So we can agree, acceptance, is one thing no matter our area of speciality we’ll have to battle with.
But, to what length is it acceptable for one to go to win acceptance? Can it be excused that one becomes a misfit to gain the title ‘bad ass’? Do you have to please someone or embrace their ideology to be let in a particular circle or clique? Do you develop a blind eye and throw ethics to the birds to push your brand, product or company to gain acceptance? Will you start going to church to get that church girl? Will you start smoking to get that bad boy? Does the end justify the means when it comes to gaining acceptance? I really need to hear your thoughts on this…


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Nine months, Miezi Tisa!

Some nine  months ago, I was born into this blogging world or as Shekyn would call it I lost my blogirnity. Nine is my lucky number don’t ask me how or why because I cannot really quite explain it. So today I will mention all those who have made this journey of mundane experiences “From these mine eyes, ears, mouth, fingers and keyboard!!!” worth the while…

My very first comment was from Maina from his blog I gather that he loves gadgets, I remember checking out the Nokia C3 review there, though I never got to buy it. Then there was Shekyn she is one of my mentors into this world, you’ll find I have a blog mentor list not blog roll because learning has been continous since In came here *you are getting off track mackel, multitasking is bad for you* what was I saying, oh yes, I borrowed a lot from her, her stories were from the heart, they have that humane factor in them, you can feel them… Mwau Iv was the third to visit and leave a comment here, we did some volunteering back then at the Red Cross with him.

Henry the guy I was with before I encountered rohypnol has been a regular here. Chiry one of the people I usually harassed for feedback until they got used to it, she has been active in giving feedback good or bad. Then there is Mrs. Mwiti I actually found her blog through zuqka that nation pullout. She has been in the list of my mentors too, I remember asking if you type and post straight away or write your thoughts down and then type them later and I got many guidelines into blogging from her amazing self.

FiestyCat used to write but I do not know why she doesn’t do so any more… MjUsher when I read the name I thought Michael Jackson’s spirit had possessed Usher *That’s lame, it refuses to come out the way I want it to* Mj I hope you don’t search for me for poking fun at you hehe. There is Cuppatea,  Grindenko, Nyawizzy, SuzyKenya whom I thank for making time to pass by and grow this blog, feedback is important, just ask around.

Raul is all about Diani, he knows the place in and out, on air and under water. Here is one of the daring videos capturing Diani life, that seemed like a very adrenalin packed flight if you love daring escapades you should go there and try it and when you want to go relax in a villa somewhere that would be your guy. Sambumu seems like the guy you would go to whenever you wanted to buy a house or any other piece of real estate. Gitts from his blog comes across as a free spirited soul, the guy you wouldn’t mind sharing a drink with on a slow Sunday afternoon. Merveilleux  I see you.

Kash, he is the guy we had that dream of retire at 21 with,this is one guy that we have been through some really bad times and good times together, but the best part is that our optimism never dies, I could write a book about him, maybe when the business sense is about right I will do it… Shikomsa has been another encouraging blogger I met in this sphere, a free spirit as I see her and wouldn’t mind her date taking the bone by the hands :-).

Sunshine the name itself is bright, need I say more? Possumkeys I like to read it as post some keys, this guy can play a keyboard and piano really well, I will search for him for a few lessons here and there. Joliea another mentor I borrowed a lot from, Her consistency is amazing, how do you manage posts on a daily basis? Raymondchepkwony is one of the prolific bloggers I know, this guy has that zing in him and in every post he does. Moha, is one of my guest writers here. Hey you Wakarima, Moriaso and Nickae I see you 🙂

Nyambura another amazing blogger I found in this sphere. OtienoHongo is that guy you rush to when things go hay wire, the guy you seek advice from, the guy you tell your inner thoughts without worrying of them being told to a third party, he just knows they are supposed to be kept just between you two, the guy you drink with until the stories fizzle and you just stare at the space into nothingness; fire gazing. He has been very insightful and maybe one day I will put his story here, one day… Victor is a another regular here, I appreciate you. Marlmarly is a lover of kids, children make her tick, a professed defender of children’s rights, and a lady with a big heart I know. Steve I see you.

SavvyKenya is the one who made me choose WordPress, ‘write first the money will come later’ she said don’t just write because you want advertisers on your blog, do it for love… She is quite well informed and traveled too, whenever you want information about blogging, BAKE platform that is, she is one you can talk to she knows who to refer you to, I also believe she has that techie bug in her… This lady Lostinthot she loses me when she writes, her mind is one big maze that I wouldn’t mind getting lost in. She has a way with words, she elicits those hidden emotions with words plays with your mind until you find yourself lost in her world. She will talk about a pen, a sink or a snail in a thousand words and you will not be bored an inch, you find your self immersed in that captivating world of hers.

I see you

Finally this is to you all anonymous readers, people who are masked but still find the time to pass by even without leaving a comment I see you and appreciate what we have been able create, “From these mine eyes, ears, mouth, fingers and keyboard!!!” I will continue giving.


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