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2014: Reflections and Deflections

Good start

The year started well. I was all optimistic as I always am 🙂 Big dreams, big goals, big challenges to be overcame, new house. Yup the year started pretty well, despite being not too digital when it came to having a phone I was happy for the good start.

Big dreams, big goals big challenges, failure, wins

I am a dreamer, big dreamer. I had big dreams for the year and big goals, well I did achieve some and missed out on others. For the achievements I did gloat, Henry can be testament to that. For the failures, I beat myself about it and learned to take it with a brave face. I learned you can never be well prepared for failure, no one is, contingency plans or not, we all want the best results. There were some wins, to these I am grateful to God.


Oh boy I did fall and fall hard. I had an infatuation of a magnitude last experienced in my campus days. Well it was a mutual kind of thing; her south was attracted to my north as my north was attracted to her south! There were no (baseless) standards (hurdles) many people put into relationships, yes we once had a random date as we were going home at Central park (if it is not java for the other girls I’ve been with no deal, lol);

Her: Hey M. what’s the craziest thing you have done this year.

Me: Nothing

Her: How about we get hotdogs and pass by Central park today?

Me: Huh?

Her: I want to steal some time with you.

Me: *Sheepish smile*

What’s the craziest thing I did this 2014? A date at Central park 😊. Standards for who?

A photo posted by Mackel Tisa (@mackel9) on Dec 12, 2014 at 4:53am PST

Being together, to her, was more important than where. She was crazy and stubborn like I am; maybe all it not lost you can find someone who complements your attributes and magic happens.

Moving forward

2014 was the year of self-discovery and reaffirmation that all is not lost and that dreams are there to be attained, don’t say you are too old too busy to go after what it that your heart really desires. 2015 I hope will be a year of endless possibilities and great realities.

A friend predicts that 2015 is my year of love. My heart is all open and ready, yeah baby I am ready. Hehehe.


Woolie, Kui, Savvy, Alex, Charles (Your blog inspired the title of this blog sir), Henry, Uncle Tree, and all other veiled readers of this diary, thank you for keeping up with the mundane journey of Mackel9, let us see what 2015 holds for us all 😉


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