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9 songs to fall in love to

9 songs to fall in love to

I have come across some songs lately and not so lately that I think makes one want to fall in love… Take a listen.

So what do you think of my 9 songs to fall in love to?



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From me to you: March told through a playlist

I have been trying to write this month, but the stories in my head just refuse to c0me out 😦 bummer right? I get the first two sentences then my head goes blank… Anyway I cant let the month go like that, I am going to tell you a story though the playlist I have been listening to this month, you know the songs which you have on repeat and never get tired of, well here is my list:

11. CheersRihanna

This is my weekend song, enough said.

10. Bangaiza ~ Rabbit

Another Friday song, this and Cheers give me that weekend and day end high…

9. Staki Kukuona ~ Rabbit

This song is a way to tell people who don’t add value to you time to ‘tembea’

8. L0velier than you ~ BoB

And no am not in love, my love life has been a desert for a while but that surely can’t stop a brother from good music, no?

7. If I could ~ Just a band

This song shows just how much we hold back from turning strangers into good friends because of holding back!

6. Beautiful peopleChris Brown

This is my feel good song, I always laugh my head off when I see T-Pain trying to dance, ayo Pain what move is that you tryn’ to pull? Never get tired of this one too 🙂

5. Forever people ~  Just a band

I like how this video starts, you don’t have to wait till you are 40 to start living, where the party at, no party? Hell lets make our own party…

4. Settle for less ~ Liquideep

You might think I am getting mellow but heck, it makes me bob my head.

3. FearJazmine Sullivan

Listen away I wont bore you with feelings here 😀

2. Am alive ~ QQU

This one for me is a timeless song, we’ve all passed through a phase where ‘rock bottom huwa na ma levels'(rock bottom has levels) but we have to celebrate life; being alive…

1. Love came Mi way ~ Verbal

The feelings this song elicits within, are just beyond my capacity to describe…


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