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My 5 Links: #My5Links

Last week I was tagged  by Joliea in this post. The aim is to appreciate bloggers and in Kenya and share mini-blog rolls for a broader read. See more guidelines here. Here goes nothing…

1. My Most Popular Post: Breaking loose part 2!!!

This was a post when I was in this high of reinventing myself, creating a Mackel 2.0 Lol. It was all about letting go of some of those fears that keep holding you back in doing some things; I am too old, I can’t do this, I might die, what will others think, well then crap that and break loose 😉

2. Post that Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved: The darkest hours.

This was a post when I was in my lowest ebbs sometimes this year, but the stats gave me the Idea maybe being too serious about life isn’t that pleasant to others to hear, jiwekee shida zako! 😀

3. Post Whose Success Surprised MeDid you just say Rohypnol?

This is a post about a drugging incident I had, the polls keep giving me a surprise because I did it when I was a newbie on blogosphere. I don’t know crap about search engine optimization but I do know most of my references come from Google search engine. Yay, gotta learn that SEO now 🙂

4. My Most Controversial Post: People who can’t hold their drink

I wrote this when in a very bad mood after what was supposed to be a evening full of fun, was turned to me being a brothers keeper even before the clock struck 12! Having to watch others enjoy themselves when you are looking over a blacked out fella isn’t very funny 😦 and those who have had to take someone who messed themselves up home, curtailing their own plans agree with me on that…

5. Post I Am Most Proud Of: RETIRE AT 21

This was about the aspirations I had in my youth the things I did to achieve those aspirations (Being wealthy baby) and the stumbling blocks that befell us and the (Invaluable) experience I got from the whole process. The tweet button talks for itself though not much to many by my standards that is one of the most shared posts in my blog 🙂

There you have it; My five links. *Drumsroll* and now I would like to tag;

All eyes on you now, don’t disappoint.

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When Idealism starts to fade.

A man in his twenties is idealistic, a man in his thirties who is still idealistic is a fool ¬ Anonymous.

When teenage sets in questions about preferred career and paths start being thrown at us; what would you like to be in life, what is your career of choice, is that the only choice you have, any other options plan bs maybe, how are your grades in school, will they (grades) help you achieve what you want to be???? Whatever answers we might have, you will always see a nodding head full of understanding, up to now I haven’t met anyone who said that their bubble (on their dreams) was bust by the adults in their lives when they were young. It seems the adults know how life deals its cards but since dreaming is not bad they let you enjoy. When I was a starry eyed teenager in my first day of high school we were taken to the Principals office; the guys who reported that particular day, our ol’ ladies and men seated as we stood we were asked the same old question ‘what would you like to be’? And the Doctors, Pilots, Engineers, CEOs (you would think CEO was a position you landed on your first job offering!!) were plenty. The principal then asked our ol’ ladies and men if they were in the same professions we had just said, NONE were! He  asked us, who would be the teachers to our kids if none of us wanted to be one, who would be our employees if we all wanted to be CEOs, who would be the clinical officers and nurses if we all wanted to be Doctors! I could see a smirk on many of the parents faces ‘some grounding for these fellas’ I could bet was what they thought at that moment. He nevertheless went on to tell us to stick on those dreams and he would keep on reminding us for the rest of the four years.

On the second year the bar on the dreams is changed, same thing happens in the third year a lower bar or a changed bar! On the final year of school many finally settled for something different from that original dream.

In college dreams get realigned or reupholstered. That sense of optimism in getting the ideal is high; get married at 25 you hear some ladies say, get a six figure paying job, get man to pay a million bob dowry for the Rita Muchiris around, the men want to be bachelors for life and get as many kids as possible (wild oat agriculture!), Chris Kirubi is doing it, so it can be done, a twisted manhood nirvana of some kind…

A few regret letters, failed interviews or getting a job you don’t really like, calls for yet another redrawing of the ideal. ‘I’ll get married when I get a better job’, maybe I could start on that four figure salary after all, maybe a million bob dowry is a fairy tale after all might be heard form a previously idealistic lass, for the dude who thought wild oat agriculture was all sweet, changes to specialised/ greenhouse farming when the cost of pampers, baby food, medical bills put a strain on that pocket of his. Reality puts a leg firmly on the door, creeps in slowly and gives you one helluva slap and sticks with you like super glue *sic*.

I guess this is why I see some disillusioned people running around, people who refuse to let go… But I do not want to judge, I don’t know if the rain beats all of us or if it is selective, maybe you could tell me; what you think of idealism and youth, what were your idealistic goals, and if you managed to tap all of them if not what happened? When did that idealism start fading or is it still there…


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Citi Gava.

For the last two months there is this joint I frequent at lunch which I found by accident, I say accident because we were just walking searching for a nice eatery on Koinange street then stumbled upon this nice little place on the junction of Kaunda street and Koinange street on a pink house, yes you heard right, a pink house!!! Hehehe. Okay its called Sirona house, but I like pink house better. If you are not keen you won’t be able to see the place, it is not very conspicuous. You climb a flight of steps and you find your self in this little place with waiters zooming here and there taking orders serving others.

At lunch hour the place will always be full and getting space might be a pain, but good thing the setting is not for meetings so people have their food quick and leave. The setup is made to accommodate as many people at any one time as possible so, you have to put aside any demand for personal space if you frequent Citi Gava. The chairs are metallic with the tables just the right height; not too high, not too low.

Service is fairly fast here, you can’t just sit idling there will be someone to receive your order and the also deliver ordered meals in time too. The food is good but I hate the cabbages they try to present it in an appealing manner and have a soup for every serving. Actually that is one of the reasons I have stuck to this place; the soup J.

The price is very pocket friendly (from a hundred bob for vegetables to around four hundred) and you wouldn’t have an excuse as why you resorted to junk. So if lunch time finds you around Koinage street, City hall or the environs you could give it a try and maybe we compare notes.


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