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Random story

I am with my friend C and she starts telling me how she nearly fell in the bandwagon of consumerism. Of shoes and clothes do not fall under that consumerism tag, those she says she can have 99 and they still wouldn’t be enough…

She had getting pressure to get a better phone since she is in mid level management, she couldn’t understand why the fuss was all about since her 4.5 inch Samsung was okay as far as she is concerned, who said size doesn’t matter? They lied! So she decided to scout for a new phone. She finds a nice 5.0 inch that really awed her. Now what was left was to go get it.

One day she goes to the bank withdraws the sum, because the ATM was could not cater for her requirements. She heads to the phone shop asks for it, she hold it, likes it imagines how nice it would be having it. Then she remembers how she usually has to put in late hours and most times she doesn’t use a cab and a car is not a priority yet and it might just get lost like she has lost many others. She calmly returns it to the sales person, walks out, and heads to this nice cake house orders a tiramisu and thinks about how stupid a decision she was to make, then laughs at herself.

She then goes back to the bank and deposits back her money. The teller must have been left wondering if she just wanted to have a feel of money, or she was feeling low and money made her feel better, people have different and sometimes weird lift me ups you know don’t look at me that way. She then goes to the office and tells her colleagues if they feel that she needs a better phone that bad then they chip in with their own money she won’t refuse, but for now she is happy with her 4.5 inch… I don’t know what we were talking about when that story came up, I don’t even know why I remembered it this morning. I don’t even know what the moral of the story is…

Have a random weekend gang 🙂


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