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Kataa hio, zusha!


I know you might have seen this word on a sticker in a matatu or bus, zusha is Swahili for yell, shout, put your foot down, and demand… you go ahead and find the other synonyms. Kataa is on google translate, that is your homework if you do not know, but do not google translate zusha, it lies on that one. As I have found out good does not necessarily set precedence to good, but be sure as hell that bad will always set precedence to bad. This is what I mean, if you let someone do something bad to you the first time, you are more or less giving them the permission to continue doing bad things to you, so if you want peace of mind you ‘nip bad things on the bud’ like my boss says you have to kill the first excuse once see it and anticipate other excuses that might follow and kill them before they even come out… Here goes my three minutes of activism; situations that call you to zusha:-

      i.        A driver decides he needs to get you home, to work or whatever destination you are going faster than you need to, tell him to go slow, kataa hio zusha!

    ii.        Someone insists on a gentleman’s agreement where it involves your money, demand for documentation and receipts, kataa hio, zusha!

   iii.        You order fish and the waiter brings you chicken instead, because fish is finished (I can’t translate better than that!), kataa hio, zusha!

   iv.        Because of your good nature someone decides you are a pushover, kataa hio zusha!

    v.        You are used to a certain degree of service (could be at your barber or salon, restaurant, name it) and you feel that this one time you are getting a raw deal, kataa hio, zusha!

   vi.        You go to a shop, mall supermarket, pub, bus or anywhere and you are spending your hard-earned shilling and someone behaves like they are                 doing you a favour, or rather it’s like your money is nothing and it wouldn’t affect their bottom-line, for heaven sake vote with your feet, kataa hio, zusha!

  vii.        You feel your boss is not living up to the expected standards, kataa hio, zusha! even go ahead and peel back masks

viii.        You feel some backward rules are being shoved down your throat and you want to wear better skirts, kataa hio, zusha!

   ix.        You are stuck in a relationship that is going nowhere, kataa hio, zusha!

This list is not even near exhaustive, so I will let you amplify it…




I have re-blogged this post from a teacher, mentor, coach, author… and several more titles under his name. He is known by the name Allan Bukusi and this post demanded to be shared. It will give you some food for thought(Tafakari ya babu). You can find more of him here 


Judge a man, not by what he has not done;

But, by his pursuits, and patience.
Judge a man, not by his name or fame;
But, by his character and courage to live without them.
Judge a man, not by what he never did or did to you;
But, by the humiliation, you put him through.
Judge a man, not because he is poor;
But that he is willing to give.
Judge a man, not by his achievements;
But, by his spirit and sacrifice.
Judge a man, not by his failures;
But by his attempts to rise up again.
Judge a man, not by how much he loves;
But by what he does for others.
Judge a man, not because he is rude to you;
But by what he does for you.
Judge a man, not by his gifts to you;
But by his will to warn you of what will harm you.
Judge a man, and you will find that you are not a judge but a man.