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If I ever fall in love

Today I am going to tell you a random story, a story that I have never told anyone until now. Once upon a time there was this girl that I really liked, she was the ying to my yang we just fit like a ring to a ring finger. But then I was a wuss. I never really displayed my intentions I was scared.
I pretended I wanted just to be friends. That friendship, was the biggest thing that I valued in this world. Yup you guessed right. After a long period of battling with feelings for the potential future mother of my unborn children I grew a pair and asked her if she would be mine.
Well I never used those exact words I asked her if she had a boyfriend. To which she replied yes. She asked, “why?” to which I replied “nothing”. Thing is, I felt like I would be snatching away someones joy so me and my good self decided I wouldn’t, I felt like if I made a move I’d be a relationship breaker of some sorts.
We were still good friends and I repressed all these feelings until one day I decided you know what? What is the worst that could ever happen? What did I stand to lose? I told her I needed her to be my girlfriend, she told me she was still with him. But then she asked if she left him I’d love her forever? My heart was screaming yes, but my head was screaming “I’m not sure Kel, you know you have no experience in this shit whatsoever?”. So I told her I wouldn’t give promises. And she told me if she was to leave where she is, no matter how unrewarding it was there had to be some guarantees…
Just like that I lost her the second time. I don’t know if Prince Charles and Camilla can identify, can you? For about a week I was distraught, I didn’t know how to deal, cope with all this emotional ups and downs. My mom always makes fun of me during that period. Apparently she noticed and knew all that was going on haha.
Now that I am way older I usually look back and laugh. Like the alchemist told the boy, one is loved because one is loved, there is no reason needed for loving. But don’t go loving people’s spouses you will get shot my friend. Follow your heart to where it leads you.


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My Codeine Moment

For quite some time I have been having these crazy headaches for a while now. There are moments I would be walking and I get a feeling of sudden dizziness. I usually have to stop when that happens before I fall and the good Samaritans who might decide to loosen me up for fresh air get shocked at faded or lack of undergarments like momma always warned…

I made an appointment with the doctor and told him what was eating me up. He took blood samples against my protests, aren’t there non intrusive ways to get blood without needles, urine and so forth. He suspected it could be low blood sugar, but it seems everything was okay. He then asks me how was work and life in general; he thought I was having stress. I told him everything was okay just a bit of pressure but manageable, he then writes a two day sick off for me to rest and gave me some drugs, codeine was among them. He reminded to take care of myself as there are no spare parts.

When I get home and I begin my two day sick off. I popped the pills and I admit my headache fizzled and I would be feeling kind of like I was floating in the house. I would find my comedy collection insanely hilarious. In the middle of the night when I was asleep I started laughing out loudly! So loudly I was startled and had to sit up for ten minutes. I couldn’t remember why I was laughing so hard that my ribs hurt but it was the weirdest moment I ever had. I went and took out the instructions sheet, I find that it had opiate in the ingredients and could cause hallucinations, no wonder I was so jolly for those couple of days….

What has been your weirdest drug interaction moment?


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Are you homeless?

They would meet for coffee and dinner once in a while

Every time he would see her off up to her gate

They would go through these motions over and over again

Then this day they met like they always did

He took her up to her house

She told him to get in and wait for her

She changed into jeans and a jumper

Let me see you off today


They went until they got to his gate

Well here we are

Aren’t you going to invite me in?

Oh, where are my manners, sure please come in

He opened the gate and let her in

Closed it behind him

Opened the door to his house and invited her in

They had some sweet hot chocolate…

As he returned after seeing her off

He couldn’t help but wonder

Did she think I am homeless?



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Love is a scary thing

I don’t know if it’s me

Or I do it wrong

But every time my stupid heart

Falls for someone

They always want to give me a heart attack!

Maybe I worry too much

Maybe I love too much

Maybe I love wrong


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Familiar Faces

I see these faces
Familiar faces
Have I become
A creature of habit?
Or is it that age has
Caught up
Such that
Even strange faces
Have a hint of familiar
They remind me
What once

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Random story

I am with my friend C and she starts telling me how she nearly fell in the bandwagon of consumerism. Of shoes and clothes do not fall under that consumerism tag, those she says she can have 99 and they still wouldn’t be enough…

She had getting pressure to get a better phone since she is in mid level management, she couldn’t understand why the fuss was all about since her 4.5 inch Samsung was okay as far as she is concerned, who said size doesn’t matter? They lied! So she decided to scout for a new phone. She finds a nice 5.0 inch that really awed her. Now what was left was to go get it.

One day she goes to the bank withdraws the sum, because the ATM was could not cater for her requirements. She heads to the phone shop asks for it, she hold it, likes it imagines how nice it would be having it. Then she remembers how she usually has to put in late hours and most times she doesn’t use a cab and a car is not a priority yet and it might just get lost like she has lost many others. She calmly returns it to the sales person, walks out, and heads to this nice cake house orders a tiramisu and thinks about how stupid a decision she was to make, then laughs at herself.

She then goes back to the bank and deposits back her money. The teller must have been left wondering if she just wanted to have a feel of money, or she was feeling low and money made her feel better, people have different and sometimes weird lift me ups you know don’t look at me that way. She then goes to the office and tells her colleagues if they feel that she needs a better phone that bad then they chip in with their own money she won’t refuse, but for now she is happy with her 4.5 inch… I don’t know what we were talking about when that story came up, I don’t even know why I remembered it this morning. I don’t even know what the moral of the story is…

Have a random weekend gang 🙂


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