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Free shipping or is it?

In 2013 I had been trying to buy a replacement battery for an iPod I wanted to sell. I hardly listened to it anymore so why keep up things you don’t use right? Apparently all apple authorised dealers do not deal with spares for iPods this led me to go and start looking at alternative places to get my battery. Online stores. Several of the online stores with good reputation did not ship it to Kenya, this led me to searching alternative stores then I landed on which claimed it shipped orders to Kenya within 14 days. After three months of waiting I decided that I had been conned there is the time allowance when you have to decide to call a debt bad yes?
I was expecting something yesterday in my mail box and was pretty excited. I open my mail box and after sifting through a bunch of bills from previous owners of the box I find a brown padded envelope, you know those they mail things going long distances in? Surely what I expected was way bigger. On close scrutiny I notice it was mailed December 2013! It took a complete 1 year and 2 months! As I checked my merchandise inside it hit me, I had opted for free shipping. Well free is darned expensive, because I’m sure my iPod now has lost half of its value with things like PonoPlayer entering the market.
Well I learned my lesson, next time I’m clicking that free shipping radio button before checking out my cart I will be ready for a harrowing wait, and with patience not being one of my virtues I hardly see that happening… Don’t start preaching to me about the “we want it here and now” of the gen Y. That is just the way things are…

Free shipping? Beware!

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