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Its been six years! Happy Anniversary Mackel9's Blog

Happy 6th Anniversary to Mackel9’s Blog! It is now 6 years down this line of random stories from the experiences all around the world. I would like to thank all of you fam and a special mention goes to @Woolie he is never shy to leave a trail. That is not to leave out the ghost readers, I always see you in my stats, Thank you! 🙂

Happy 6th anniversary @mackel9'sblog

Happy 6th anniversary @mackel9‘sblog


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Who I am and why I’m here

Hello there, are you there can you hear me?

So after a long time trying to balance time to update my diary and work and the rest of what I call my life now, I realised I hardly have enough time to write on this blog. And like that couple that has be so engrossed with life they forget each other until that day the children start leaving the nest for university and then it hits you, “we are actually a couple, how did it get to this, how did we get here?” I had my “I used to blog, my life was not this “too busy” how did I get here? I realised I needed to do something, and that something is joining blogging 101 courtesy of wordpress’ Blogging University.

So I am now doing my day one assignment, “who I am and why I am here“, Well it has been six years since I started a blog. I just wanted to write and tell stories, being an introvert, my stories don’t always strike a chord with everyone, so as they say I needed to find chickens of a feather to flock with. Oh crap, I didn’t introduce myself did I? Well, I am Mackel Tisa, I am random, like super random, I think life is too serious and tend to be drawn to people who are less serious, who can take a joke, and make me laugh even when they tell you the baddest stuff… I am wild at times but most I am the quiet guy at the corner watching watching what everyone else is doing.

Now on why I am here, well, it started with me just writing for the love of just letting myself out there in a mask. Then I met a friend who told me “oh, so you have a blog? do you know you can make crazy sums of money from working online?” I was like “oh, really!”. Show me how. They showed me a few tricks. Being the procrastinator I am, I tried them but not too wholeheartedly, after few months and my account had $0.50 I decided to leave “making money online to the pros” and continue telling my stories because maybe they make someone laugh or relate going by the feedback I get on twitter. Isn’t it funny that most of the people who also read my blog like being anonymous? They leave feedback everywhere else except my comment section.

Mackel Tisa tell us, what do you write about? I write about life and the experiences I go through and for those who have been following me through out the years might have noticed the transition from college, partying and binge drinking to more on love the the struggles in embracing it. I think I have never sat and thought, “who do I really want to read my blog” I however know who I wouldn’t want to read it….

What I want to achieve this year? I want to have more posts and more hits, yes the hits do matter. I hope that when I write I will get more people can identify with what I am writing and not alienate anyone….

Anything I left out? Please leave a comment 🙂



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The story of queues

Have you ever been on a supermarket and there are very long queues and every minute you are counting how many people before your turn yes I do that a lot so do not judge me, and also you compare the other people who joined other queues at the same time how many steps they have moved? You do this so you can make a decision on whether to move to the faster moving queues or sit tight on the one you are, at the moment. I guess it is human to want to do that, find which options gets you to your goal as quickly as possible…

I am at point in my life where I feel like I am in queues, I also get  to wonder if my queue will get me to the pay point and how long it will take to do that, should I move to another queue. What if once join other queues the one I left opens up and starts moving?

Queues are darned confusing.

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And open your eyes!

I have finally finalized moving, to a new self-hosted site, you can now head over there and subscribe afresh :-), See you on the other side…




In the next a couple of weeks I will be moving this diary to a self hosted platform, and being me, I will be doing a lot of tinkering here and there since I do not plan having a professional help with it or rather I don’t want to pay for it, I’m cheap like that :-D. In the mean time I will find how to move a blog for dummies and find my way around the new host. If you find missing stuff or misplaced stuff do let me know :-).

To a hopefully bigger better house ey? Lets hope so 🙂


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The hourglass keeps turning!

Time does fly!

Yes I’m older again!

No I haven’t figured out life completely yet.

Work is going on well.

Some goals I have achieved others I am yet to start working on them.

I have lost 5 kilos since January (Alex don’t slap me[On our very first meeting I know you had this idea I was a totally round character, shock on you] but I got to do this, a six-pack that doesn’t come in cans is all I want). Yes I joined a gym.

Yes there is a lady with a lovely behind in the gym, my motivation to attend 5 days workout sessions from the initial plan of 3 days sessions a week! Motivation!

I am more confident.

If I see a lady I like I approach her and the conversation ends with me asking for a phone number.

Rejection doesn’t hurt like it did before, I move on haraka upesi.

I am trying to de-clutter my life. Sometimes we hold onto baggage that holds us back for moving and seeing new paths/ opportunities/ possibilities.

I need to start dreaming big again. At some point I think I repressed this side of me. Big crazy ideas! Like my grandfather keeps telling me, ‘Think Big!’ I should.

Comfort zone seems to have given me a bear hug. Race of rats? Carrot on sticks? Maybe maybe not.

I see more work as a blessing, means I’ll earn my keep!

Yes, lady struggles, form a sizeable part, of the things I think about every 24 hours apportioned to me in a day.

I hope the struggle ends soon. That time could be spent on thinking how to make that first million ey?

I’m somewhat scared of what the future holds for me.

Uncertainty scares the shit out of me!

I like to plan my things. I can tell you what I will be doing on February 14th at 11 am.

I need to stop procrastinating!

I like to have a small circle of friends.

It takes time to make friends and it takes time to lose them. I like making friends for the long haul.

I still love food.

Seems my friends have learned how to bait me when they want to catch up…. That reminds me, someone owes me samosas. T-Tot samosas, best samosas in the country man. I have been around and no other place make samosas so good. When my cousin was expecting and craving them, her husband had to drive 58km at night to go get them no alternative was accepted lol. I hope when I am ready to cross that bridge the future mother of my kids wont have such cravings, though my friend used to crave papers I may as well pray the cravings will be favorable hehe.

My extended family seems to have quite a number of January babies! I don’t even want to delve into that.

My friends Moriaso and his girlfriend Christine organised a birthday party for ME man at their place. Bev, Dio, Pauline, Loise, Tony, Kev, Jose, Deno, Mwendwa, Zeph and everyone else who made it worthwhile I am grateful. Thank you. January babies learn with time how times are hard during the beginning of the year after Christmas merry making and lower their expectations on what they get for birthdays. We tend to appreciate what we get no matter how small, the thought and effort put into it is sufficient. I won’t write about who blacked out or did what, you can relax guys, Vegas ey? No mwaaing and telling yes?

I have a more optimistic outlook on the future.

I count my blessings every single day.

I am grateful for how far I have come and give my thanks.

May the hourglass keep turning many more turns.

The End! Of my monologue 😀


Mackel Tisa – As himself


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2014: Reflections and Deflections

Good start

The year started well. I was all optimistic as I always am 🙂 Big dreams, big goals, big challenges to be overcame, new house. Yup the year started pretty well, despite being not too digital when it came to having a phone I was happy for the good start.

Big dreams, big goals big challenges, failure, wins

I am a dreamer, big dreamer. I had big dreams for the year and big goals, well I did achieve some and missed out on others. For the achievements I did gloat, Henry can be testament to that. For the failures, I beat myself about it and learned to take it with a brave face. I learned you can never be well prepared for failure, no one is, contingency plans or not, we all want the best results. There were some wins, to these I am grateful to God.


Oh boy I did fall and fall hard. I had an infatuation of a magnitude last experienced in my campus days. Well it was a mutual kind of thing; her south was attracted to my north as my north was attracted to her south! There were no (baseless) standards (hurdles) many people put into relationships, yes we once had a random date as we were going home at Central park (if it is not java for the other girls I’ve been with no deal, lol);

Her: Hey M. what’s the craziest thing you have done this year.

Me: Nothing

Her: How about we get hotdogs and pass by Central park today?

Me: Huh?

Her: I want to steal some time with you.

Me: *Sheepish smile*

What’s the craziest thing I did this 2014? A date at Central park 😊. Standards for who?

A photo posted by Mackel Tisa (@mackel9) on Dec 12, 2014 at 4:53am PST

Being together, to her, was more important than where. She was crazy and stubborn like I am; maybe all it not lost you can find someone who complements your attributes and magic happens.

Moving forward

2014 was the year of self-discovery and reaffirmation that all is not lost and that dreams are there to be attained, don’t say you are too old too busy to go after what it that your heart really desires. 2015 I hope will be a year of endless possibilities and great realities.

A friend predicts that 2015 is my year of love. My heart is all open and ready, yeah baby I am ready. Hehehe.


Woolie, Kui, Savvy, Alex, Charles (Your blog inspired the title of this blog sir), Henry, Uncle Tree, and all other veiled readers of this diary, thank you for keeping up with the mundane journey of Mackel9, let us see what 2015 holds for us all 😉


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