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My friend was so excited when she bought her first car. I rejoiced with her and told her that she now had the keys to the world. Two weeks later, I met her at the bus stop looking sad, ashamed and a little surprised to see me. When I asked about the car, she broke into tears. I was taken aback until I listened to her story…

“I am so disappointed. I was hoping the car would drive me all around town. I thought that I would be able to show off to all my friends and give people rides. And I really thought it would make a difference in my life, but it just sits there doing nothing”.

Do you feel the same way about your college diploma, your job, your spouse, your family or whatever it is you thought would make you happy or rich? Do you really expect it to drive you everywhere you want? Are you disappointed that it doesn’t?



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Asakatho Kisii

The whole of August I had these many topics to write on but every time I sat to type them I couldn’t get past sixty words, the story in my head just refused to come out… Then just to make sure I posted something for the month I wanted to do another playlist, then I remembered ghafla guy told me not to write about playlists again… I listen, see?

Having been born, bred, raised, schooled near or in Nairobi, the word here is near, note that… One starts to have a bias on the other parts of the Country that exist, as opinion about a place will be formed through hearsay or what you read. Truth be told the furthest I had ever been going to West of Kenya was Kisii. So when I got an assignment to go to Suba Kuria I did not mind where that was I just wanted to asakatho Kisii (Luo for I have gone past Kisii).

I got to learn that the word asakatho (thank you Omondi Awinda for translating that for me :-)) means past, like if you go past Nyayo stadium, you say “asakatho Nyayo stadium”, to mean “I am past Nyayo stadium” so back to my story, the longest I had been on a vehicle was six hours during that Kisii trip, but this time round it was eleven hours and thirty minutes. When we got to Migori town we stopped for some butt rest, I saw some guy insult some mechanics the insult is un-typable here and stones began flying, these were huge stones mind you, we had to scamper and watch the show from a distance, what a welcome that was…  Here are some random pictures I took on my trip as I asakatho Kisii.

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PS: I will try to put up better posts when I get my act together, stories that flow lol

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