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Tricks about dating/ Relationship tips from a bachelor

On this arena of dating I am not a guru I am a very late Bloomer and never try to.hide that fact, I will say things which have been said before and probably I will say the same thing in different ways. There I have broken the first rule of story telling, never pre-empt anything at the beginning or start by apologizing/explaining yourself… but screw rules, we are talking about dating and there are not rules in this *#@@#

1. Don’t be boring
People want to be around (read date) interesting people people who excite them. I don’t know what this is all about, but listen a lot and if you pick out “remember when you/we did this? That was pretty awesome” and be doing that more often than the things a that don’t get mentioned.

2. Fake spontaneity if you have to but have a plan in your head
I think for the people who like knowing exactly what is going to happen and how it is going to happen, spontaneity is something we struggle with. We always have a plan. You know what you will do this weekend and next and the next after next. We have a list we cross off and keep adding new things. But you know what? Some people hate that, so how to you ensure you keep this interesting person who wants you to be a free like a butterfly like themselves? I won’t tell you to throw your list, no, but hide it!!! There you have it. Hide your list and ensure you only unleash the items on it the very last minute, how spontaneous is that? Pretty much, yes? You are welcome 😉

3. Be random
Never let your relationship reach point where you anticipate each other or it becomes routine. Be too random at times it scares and at the same time excites them. So yes you had been saving to take her/him on vacation to Madagascar and an opportunity to go skydiving in Diani happens, take her/him *disclaimer you are responsible for your financial management if you get into woes don’t say Mackel said. In hindsight the opportunity cost will be a healthy relationship ey?*

So there you have it, follow these tricks on dating and you will see yourself moving out of the friend zone more often. These apply to both girls and guys.


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Why I stopped asking random girls for their numbers in matatus

I have been working on this project that had a short turnaround time, and the pressure was mounting since the deadline had been brought forward to meet some special requests from the client.

I wake up early, go through my morning motions on autopilot like always… When get to the bus stop I go sit near a window so I can stare outside as I think about many things in no particular order. Then I hear someone drop themselves next to me. I look to see who they are, somewhat annoyed and then I see this stunning girl who says I’m sorry cheekily. I tell her it’s okay and move back to my thoughts. When we get to halfway in the highway there is a bit of traffic and I mention how we wake up so early that sometimes you don’t believe how many hours you waste on the road. She agrees and tells me how she used to live in Lang’ata and how the jam over there was terrible now it was bearable. She tells me how much she paid rent in Lang’ata and how much she is paying now. The differences between the two houses, how she loved her new house. Being a person who listens a lot than I speak, I am wondering if she is oversharing especially on the details but I decide rather than listen to some two clowns on the radio, I’d listen to her.

I switch the topic to the teachers strike and she tells me she was a teacher by training, now my interest is picked. Her father had forced her to go to the teacher training college but after she finished she came to Nairobi and started a business. Looking at how things were going, she would never go to teaching it wasn’t for her. The bus starts snaking its way into cbd and I ask her for her number, which she gives and tells me to make sure I text her to make sure she gets mine too.

When I get to the office I send her a text of how glad I was to make an acquaintance. She asks me if this is Charles, I wonder how many people had asked for the number that morning haha *jealousy much ey?*. I tell her it is the other guy not Charles. I tell her to have a lovely day we’d keep in touch. In the next one hour I keep getting text messages (70 of them in an hour, yes I counted) and If I didn’t respond she would call, “sasa, kwani hujaona text yangu”. My work became answering texts, I told her we chat in the evening, still nothing. I just decided to block her when the calls became too many. It left me wondering how bad was biashara, were there no clients.

Now whenever I am in a bus, like I was here and here,  the conversation will not get to the part we exchange contacts. Have you ever had a similar experience where an acquaintance turned to be overly annoying?



Utamu wa maisha

Utamu wa maisha ni kuwa haujui kesho iko vipi nani (The joy of living is not knowing what tomorrow brings)

My question is how joyful can uncertainty probably be?



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The hourglass keeps turning!

Time does fly!

Yes I’m older again!

No I haven’t figured out life completely yet.

Work is going on well.

Some goals I have achieved others I am yet to start working on them.

I have lost 5 kilos since January (Alex don’t slap me[On our very first meeting I know you had this idea I was a totally round character, shock on you] but I got to do this, a six-pack that doesn’t come in cans is all I want). Yes I joined a gym.

Yes there is a lady with a lovely behind in the gym, my motivation to attend 5 days workout sessions from the initial plan of 3 days sessions a week! Motivation!

I am more confident.

If I see a lady I like I approach her and the conversation ends with me asking for a phone number.

Rejection doesn’t hurt like it did before, I move on haraka upesi.

I am trying to de-clutter my life. Sometimes we hold onto baggage that holds us back for moving and seeing new paths/ opportunities/ possibilities.

I need to start dreaming big again. At some point I think I repressed this side of me. Big crazy ideas! Like my grandfather keeps telling me, ‘Think Big!’ I should.

Comfort zone seems to have given me a bear hug. Race of rats? Carrot on sticks? Maybe maybe not.

I see more work as a blessing, means I’ll earn my keep!

Yes, lady struggles, form a sizeable part, of the things I think about every 24 hours apportioned to me in a day.

I hope the struggle ends soon. That time could be spent on thinking how to make that first million ey?

I’m somewhat scared of what the future holds for me.

Uncertainty scares the shit out of me!

I like to plan my things. I can tell you what I will be doing on February 14th at 11 am.

I need to stop procrastinating!

I like to have a small circle of friends.

It takes time to make friends and it takes time to lose them. I like making friends for the long haul.

I still love food.

Seems my friends have learned how to bait me when they want to catch up…. That reminds me, someone owes me samosas. T-Tot samosas, best samosas in the country man. I have been around and no other place make samosas so good. When my cousin was expecting and craving them, her husband had to drive 58km at night to go get them no alternative was accepted lol. I hope when I am ready to cross that bridge the future mother of my kids wont have such cravings, though my friend used to crave papers I may as well pray the cravings will be favorable hehe.

My extended family seems to have quite a number of January babies! I don’t even want to delve into that.

My friends Moriaso and his girlfriend Christine organised a birthday party for ME man at their place. Bev, Dio, Pauline, Loise, Tony, Kev, Jose, Deno, Mwendwa, Zeph and everyone else who made it worthwhile I am grateful. Thank you. January babies learn with time how times are hard during the beginning of the year after Christmas merry making and lower their expectations on what they get for birthdays. We tend to appreciate what we get no matter how small, the thought and effort put into it is sufficient. I won’t write about who blacked out or did what, you can relax guys, Vegas ey? No mwaaing and telling yes?

I have a more optimistic outlook on the future.

I count my blessings every single day.

I am grateful for how far I have come and give my thanks.

May the hourglass keep turning many more turns.

The End! Of my monologue 😀


Mackel Tisa – As himself


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