Why I stopped asking random girls for their numbers in matatus

06 Dec

I have been working on this project that had a short turnaround time, and the pressure was mounting since the deadline had been brought forward to meet some special requests from the client.

I wake up early, go through my morning motions on autopilot like always… When get to the bus stop I go sit near a window so I can stare outside as I think about many things in no particular order. Then I hear someone drop themselves next to me. I look to see who they are, somewhat annoyed and then I see this stunning girl who says I’m sorry cheekily. I tell her it’s okay and move back to my thoughts. When we get to halfway in the highway there is a bit of traffic and I mention how we wake up so early that sometimes you don’t believe how many hours you waste on the road. She agrees and tells me how she used to live in Lang’ata and how the jam over there was terrible now it was bearable. She tells me how much she paid rent in Lang’ata and how much she is paying now. The differences between the two houses, how she loved her new house. Being a person who listens a lot than I speak, I am wondering if she is oversharing especially on the details but I decide rather than listen to some two clowns on the radio, I’d listen to her.

I switch the topic to the teachers strike and she tells me she was a teacher by training, now my interest is picked. Her father had forced her to go to the teacher training college but after she finished she came to Nairobi and started a business. Looking at how things were going, she would never go to teaching it wasn’t for her. The bus starts snaking its way into cbd and I ask her for her number, which she gives and tells me to make sure I text her to make sure she gets mine too.

When I get to the office I send her a text of how glad I was to make an acquaintance. She asks me if this is Charles, I wonder how many people had asked for the number that morning haha *jealousy much ey?*. I tell her it is the other guy not Charles. I tell her to have a lovely day we’d keep in touch. In the next one hour I keep getting text messages (70 of them in an hour, yes I counted) and If I didn’t respond she would call, “sasa, kwani hujaona text yangu”. My work became answering texts, I told her we chat in the evening, still nothing. I just decided to block her when the calls became too many. It left me wondering how bad was biashara, were there no clients.

Now whenever I am in a bus, like I was here and here,  the conversation will not get to the part we exchange contacts. Have you ever had a similar experience where an acquaintance turned to be overly annoying?



4 responses to “Why I stopped asking random girls for their numbers in matatus

  1. Savvy Kenya

    December 6, 2015 at 1:01 pm

    Haha stalker much? I don’t give out my number in matatus no matter how handsome the gentleman is..

    • Mackel9

      December 6, 2015 at 1:06 pm

      I learned my lesson, and the weirdest I have heard now we have people who will follow you around, know where you live work even hangout. And I used to think those were western world problems…

  2. woolie

    December 9, 2015 at 10:29 am

    Oh dear…That was quite weird. I see why your alarm bells started ringing when you felt she was saying too much about her house rent and stuff..

    The morning commute brings together some of the world’s finest and also its weirdest characters. That man there with the green jacket and matching tie – he’s reading a newspaper…looking to see if te cops have captured the rapist that’s been terrorising a mtaa. He knows they haven’t – because it is him. What about that lady – yes that one sitting up front, near the driver – Blue suit – that one. She is not going to work – she lost her senior position two weeks ago but doesn’t know how to tell the family. She gets ready every morning goes off and spends the day browsing the stores and sitting in the park.

    • Mackel9

      December 10, 2015 at 10:40 am

      Hi Woolie,
      To be honest, I am now scared of who I should give my number to. When talk about rape I nearly asked if you knew what had been happening around my neighbourhood, because I know we have transformers. People who transform to beasts under the cover of the night but during the day they wear a facade of respectableness and they walk amongst us. They will have opinions on topics that touch on their skeletons but only to deceive….


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