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My Codeine Moment

For quite some time I have been having these crazy headaches for a while now. There are moments I would be walking and I get a feeling of sudden dizziness. I usually have to stop when that happens before I fall and the good Samaritans who might decide to loosen me up for fresh air get shocked at faded or lack of undergarments like momma always warned…

I made an appointment with the doctor and told him what was eating me up. He took blood samples against my protests, aren’t there non intrusive ways to get blood without needles, urine and so forth. He suspected it could be low blood sugar, but it seems everything was okay. He then asks me how was work and life in general; he thought I was having stress. I told him everything was okay just a bit of pressure but manageable, he then writes a two day sick off for me to rest and gave me some drugs, codeine was among them. He reminded to take care of myself as there are no spare parts.

When I get home and I begin my two day sick off. I popped the pills and I admit my headache fizzled and I would be feeling kind of like I was floating in the house. I would find my comedy collection insanely hilarious. In the middle of the night when I was asleep I started laughing out loudly! So loudly I was startled and had to sit up for ten minutes. I couldn’t remember why I was laughing so hard that my ribs hurt but it was the weirdest moment I ever had. I went and took out the instructions sheet, I find that it had opiate in the ingredients and could cause hallucinations, no wonder I was so jolly for those couple of days….

What has been your weirdest drug interaction moment?


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Taking chances – Overheard stories

I am doing my evening walk from work to town as we do to keep fit and beat jam. When the conversation dies between me and Charlie I normally drift and start eavesdropping at people’s stories if you are very keen you will notice my quick pace has slowed so that I pick up the juice. So here was today’s juice:
Girl 1: ….So he has been telling me he wants to move out from hostel to his own place
Girl 2: For real?
Girl 1: Yup. And he keeps telling me ati he wants me to go for a sleepover.
Girl 2: Enhe?
Girl 1: So, si me I told him, kama ataweka house warming ni sawa and as long as I can tag along with my friends. Then he gets pissed when I tell him that. Now he wants to go to what once was. I mean he had the chance with me that day I used to keep hanging with him, but akalalia maskio…

Charlie has already left me behind so I rush to keep up. But I can’t help but think, does the poor fellow in that conversation know that he had a chance with the girl he liked and squandered it all up ama bado amelalia maskio?
What do we learn from such a conversation, when an opportunity presents itself to do or be something you have always really wanted, do not second guess, or pussyfoot take it and never look back. Otherwise the divine providence might decide you took too long “deciding”.


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