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Dreams Vs Reality

Today is my birthday dang I am getting old and fast. As a kid you want to grow up and when you finally do you start growing old and fast , really fast. Well I guess January babies are the best people to understand you when you say you are broke; if you know what having a birthday at a time when everyone is complaining of being broke and all that. Since I have been haggling for gifts and none is forthcoming I guess I better just steal some time and reflect on an older me, I don’t know if am getting any wiser though…



Growing up we have some of these dreams and we grow and we find ourselves in a totally different reality well here are some of my dreams and the realities:

  1. Number one has to be you yes you sending me a gift you know yourselves! Reality is I have to be content with receiving belated ones next week or later, guess I will get used to this being born at such a date, postponed birthdays? Who gets that?
  2. I heard someone said that by 25 men should have a car, well I also dreamt of that too, but the reality is, going at this rate, 25 (I can see you busy trying guess my age, STOP!) might find me still shoebaruing and legxusing around 😐
  3. We all have those big dreams of landing six figure salaries straight out of college, have these personas that did it and want to be like them. Well the reality is this; unless the six figures is per annum then someone lied to me or I am doing something wrong very very wrong hehe.
  4. I had this fantasy of getting a six pack two years down the line the reality is I cannot see my buckle anymore, maybe its time I tried those magic remedies I read on the Internet!
  5. Another reality is, Many of us experienced Njaanuary if you did then, I guess you also like me are trying to be financially stable, stability is all through the year, no? Not just you being stable in some months and unstable in others!!! 😛

I will continue this list later, I hope the realities will have started syncing with the dreams soon, wish me luck :-).

Now I want that gift!


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