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Thank God its Monday

Its been six years! Happy Anniversary Mackel9's Blog

Happy 6th Anniversary to Mackel9’s Blog! It is now 6 years down this line of random stories from the experiences all around the world. I would like to thank all of you fam and a special mention goes to @Woolie he is never shy to leave a trail. That is not to leave out the ghost readers, I always see you in my stats, Thank you! 🙂

Happy 6th anniversary @mackel9'sblog

Happy 6th anniversary @mackel9‘sblog


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Who I am and why I’m here

Hello there, are you there can you hear me?

So after a long time trying to balance time to update my diary and work and the rest of what I call my life now, I realised I hardly have enough time to write on this blog. And like that couple that has be so engrossed with life they forget each other until that day the children start leaving the nest for university and then it hits you, “we are actually a couple, how did it get to this, how did we get here?” I had my “I used to blog, my life was not this “too busy” how did I get here? I realised I needed to do something, and that something is joining blogging 101 courtesy of wordpress’ Blogging University.

So I am now doing my day one assignment, “who I am and why I am here“, Well it has been six years since I started a blog. I just wanted to write and tell stories, being an introvert, my stories don’t always strike a chord with everyone, so as they say I needed to find chickens of a feather to flock with. Oh crap, I didn’t introduce myself did I? Well, I am Mackel Tisa, I am random, like super random, I think life is too serious and tend to be drawn to people who are less serious, who can take a joke, and make me laugh even when they tell you the baddest stuff… I am wild at times but most I am the quiet guy at the corner watching watching what everyone else is doing.

Now on why I am here, well, it started with me just writing for the love of just letting myself out there in a mask. Then I met a friend who told me “oh, so you have a blog? do you know you can make crazy sums of money from working online?” I was like “oh, really!”. Show me how. They showed me a few tricks. Being the procrastinator I am, I tried them but not too wholeheartedly, after few months and my account had $0.50 I decided to leave “making money online to the pros” and continue telling my stories because maybe they make someone laugh or relate going by the feedback I get on twitter. Isn’t it funny that most of the people who also read my blog like being anonymous? They leave feedback everywhere else except my comment section.

Mackel Tisa tell us, what do you write about? I write about life and the experiences I go through and for those who have been following me through out the years might have noticed the transition from college, partying and binge drinking to more on love the the struggles in embracing it. I think I have never sat and thought, “who do I really want to read my blog” I however know who I wouldn’t want to read it….

What I want to achieve this year? I want to have more posts and more hits, yes the hits do matter. I hope that when I write I will get more people can identify with what I am writing and not alienate anyone….

Anything I left out? Please leave a comment 🙂



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And open your eyes!

I have finally finalized moving, to a new self-hosted site, you can now head over there and subscribe afresh :-), See you on the other side…




In the next a couple of weeks I will be moving this diary to a self hosted platform, and being me, I will be doing a lot of tinkering here and there since I do not plan having a professional help with it or rather I don’t want to pay for it, I’m cheap like that :-D. In the mean time I will find how to move a blog for dummies and find my way around the new host. If you find missing stuff or misplaced stuff do let me know :-).

To a hopefully bigger better house ey? Lets hope so 🙂


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Happy Anniversary to us all!

I got this notification and then it hit me, it has been four years already since I started this dairy. Though I think most of the gang seems to just come read and leave quietly unlike before… but it all good. This is our anniversary cheers for the four years, cheers to the future, an interesting one I hope :-). Maybe to break the randomness in my writing, what would you love to see more from the mundane experiences I go through, please leave a comment, yes even you, my veiled readers, lose the mask today, it is our anniversary 🙂

Happy annivesary!


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Safaricom Postpaid

When I reverted to my Nokia, few things changed in the way I communicate; I am no longer online 24 hours a day, I don’t reply to emails and LinkedIn messages past five unless it is super important, I no longer reply to WhatsApp messages at 1.00 am or 5.49 am. I don’t miss any of that much, I find that I have time to have a clear mind and not having to wonder what is happening in my online circle of friends, I do miss opportunities to instagram though, there are several items I’d have loved to add to my IG, and the notes, my phone can only handle very few reminders and notes. I am the people who have to write ideas as they happen otherwise I will forget and waste a lot of time trying to remember what it is exactly I had thought of. Have you ever had a thought while having a conversation, something you wanted to tell the other party and then it disappears, then when you have gone separate ways it comes to you and you have to call them before it disappears again? I do that a lot, regardless of how mundane the topic was. I hear a good song somewhere, be it a matatu, as I walk the streets I will save it in my notes and Google it, if I like it download it… Now my Nokia cannot hold much of these reminders and I have to keep on deleting to create room for new. If you are used to a QWERTY keyboard and you have added to the auto-complete every word you use in a conversation (people have a particular way they talk, there are specific vocabulary everyone uses more often and can be identified with them) then texting is fairly fast and accurate. On the other hand trying to type a very long text except the quick “Okay, sawa sawa, I’ll be right there, I’ll be late” becomes quite tedious and the T9 dictionary does not help.

Enter Safaricom postpaid bundles

I had heard about these bundles by Safaricom for KES 1,000 and KES 2,500, but I was not interested, my credit was going towards data than anything else, blame it on the texting, chats and emails to communicate. To Nokia 1202 data is unheard of, that leaves you with calls and texts; now I have already mentioned how texting very long texts is a pain, this is where the postpaid bundles come in to save the day. I went to Safaricom shop and had my line converted from prepay to postpaid, which happened in less than 10 minutes.

Transformation: Heavy data user learns how to talk

With the background I had, most of my calls previously were to the point; no talking about the weather and small time politics, well except when talking to my grandfather, he will receive texts, read them but won’t bother replying, therefore you have to call and stories with him continue from where you last left off, so you just do not load 100 bob and call him… Here I was with these many minutes, very few texts, barely enough for a whole month and some data bundles.

The first month I would just scroll through my phonebook and call random people just so I could use up the talk time and it was getting depleted slowly, how do you use up talk time that adds up to almost a day? You can’t talk that much. I used to force it; calling people who I don’t even know why I still kept their numbers (I tend to be slow in burning bridges). Then it slowly starts growing into you, talking and making calls becomes something you don’t think through, you don’t ask yourself “what am I going to tell her (this happens only when calling the opposite sex), is it too late in the night etc etc”. I found myself replying texts with calls, well, there are some people who feel comfortable expressing themselves in texts which is impersonal to some extend (notice how you easily type haha, lol, lmao, dead with laughter, without even a semblance of the emotions those words portray? See I told you), with calls you can read the tone, “Hey Alex how are you?” “Am good Mr. M” I can read the tone and know if that good is a forced good or it is a real good good. Along the way my mom learned I was on postpaid and she started demanding I call more often, it has become more a right for her, I have to fulfill the duties of a child to a parent and know how she is keeping and now like my grandfather, calls to her are only to pick up the story/updates from where it was left off during last call.

The second month and subsequent months, calling starts coming naturally, I don’t even bother checking my balance every so often, and by the time the month ends I have exhausted all my allocated talk time.

The good; Awesome customer service

If you have tried calling customer service on prepaid you know how it gets hectic getting connected, sometimes you get disconnected, it’s like they think you are a bother or they can read your mind and know your concern isn’t worth the call, well this is different if you contact them on twitter, my queries on twitter were responded to with a call within 10 minutes which was quite impressive. Now on postpaid calls are answered so promptly you get the feeling that someone is anticipating to handle your query and keep you satisfied; that I love very much :-).

The bad; Postpaid bundles really or prepaid bundles?

Safaricom calls it postpaid or hybrid service, but according to Post-paid customers are those that are billed for their use of a carrier’s services on a monthly basis, based on either the terms of a contract or on the amount of services they have used. With Safaricom one has to pay the deposit when signing the contract, on top of that you are required to pay either the KES 1,000 or KES 2,500 depending on which contract you choose, at the beginning  of every month so that you can be allocated bundles to use that month. This to me sounds more of prepaid bundles rather than postpaid, the name postpaid was given to make people buying the bundles feel special, well the truth is we (guys on the KES 1,000 and KES 2,500) cannot afford (it doesn’t make economic sense) to be on the real postpaid service which people have to use KES 5,000 a month (you must be making big money business deals to be on this, not haggling with people who owe you that 500 bob to pay you back!). It will be therefore make more sense if the service is renames to prepaid bundles as opposed to postpaid service.

The needs improvement

It would make more sense to me if Safaricom could:

  • Actually make the service postpaid, I get to pay for what I use not what I was allocated!
  • Instead of allocating me bundles which diminish with usage, it would be great to have a quota; here if I have a quota for 500 minutes, I know that is my limit, if I get to use 300 minutes I get charged for 300 minutes and not have 200 extra minutes rolling over to the following month and still have to pay for the full 500 minutes.
  • The bundles for text messages and internet are a bit ridiculous! They are barely reasonable to keep you till the end of the month. If KES 1,000 affords you 900 On Net minutes, 100 Off Net minutes, 100 On Net SMS and 100 MBs of Data and KES 2,500 affords you 2200 On Net, 300 Off Net minutes, 250 On Net SMS and 250 MBs of Data you will agree 100 and 250 SMS’s and data for the respective postpaid bundle are ridiculously low, but what do I know, maybe they did not design this service with a person like me in mind!

What say you?


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2013 in review

After another year in blogging, though I must admit I was very lazy this time round here is my report card: p.s. I think I should start giving gift vouchers and am lost what to give since it seems my commenters are all ladies, if it were men a six pack voucher would be enough…

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,600 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 60 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.




Utahama lini #TGIM

The first attempt was August last year, it was a studio with a corner acting as the kitchen and bathroom next to it.  I hated it on first sight but I really wanted to move out, we bought a few things with my cousin went over to clean it up but that remained just a wish. I never lived in that studio, I went over there in a weeks time, got all my stuff and claimed back my deposit. Ever since every time I said I was going to move out, nobody, would think I was serious, they would take it as a bluff. One of my friends used to tease I was a mamas boy and would sent greetings every time I said I was going home…

When I started planning on moving out, Henry said that was just a pipe dream and he feared next year would find me still moving out. He even bet me I wouldn’t, well Henry I want my winnings! The execution of the plans happened two weeks ago, I stopped with the procrastination and started acting. Suleiman was busy wondering why I need a vehicle to move while all I have as possessions fit in a suitcase, to some extent which was true.

The week before moving out I had started a serious house hunt, and I will tell you this free of charge, it is tough getting what you are looking for at the particular price, location and specifications you have in mind. I asked few friends and got several suggestions of the neighborhoods they considered good but I think what they gave me were just places in their comfort zones. Henry is the only one to suggest someplace so far from his own place, maybe it’s because he knew I would be raiding his food! But after thorough consideration it is the place I got what I really looking for, and fulfilling your expectations is never that easy; the floor will lack tiles, the kitchen will be too small, the bedroom won’t have built-in wardrobes (Very important if all you have is a suitcase, like yours truly) etc. After going through several advertisements I shortlist a few houses I need to start with, but I was shocked to learn that when you engage an agent, they will show you a vacant house and whether you like it or not you will be forced to pay a viewing fee, to be shown another you will have to dig again into your pockets! This was something I was not prepared for, I felt somebody was just stealing from me, same way I feel when paying VAT on essential commodities. Good thing I had asked my childhood friend Kash, yes the one we dreamed of retiring at 21 together here (hey ladies see how loyal I am? I value relationships ;-D), to accompany me and we decided that money would better be used to do something we would scout for the house ourselves. At one place the landlord asks us, “do you have people?”, we look puzzled and ask what he means, apparently only couples are allowed to reside there. He lets his wife show us the house nonetheless and we are left wondering does he think we will make his wife want to cheat or what criteria he uses to make such a ridiculous rule.

We continue with our search and as we are about to finish, some guy approaches Kash and tells him not to fear as he won’t mug him, who starts a conversation that way anyway? He was a little rugged anyway and am sure Kash was ready to take the flight option rather than fight, was I not there, 😀 okay I kid. He tells us he will show us some houses and he won’t charge us a thing, this got me listening since his approach was different. Kash’s prospective girlfriend, Makena, (she is my neighbor though he has nothing to worry about I am yet to master the location to her house) joins us and the guy who I learn is named Joseph leads us to the said houses. I am usually paranoid but this time round I was a bit trusting and true to his word he shows us some houses; everything about them is just as I had in mind and am sold. I talk with the owner’s daughter and agree that I will move in the following week.

My mother never thought I was ever serious, she used to brush my claims, I think she thought I was too scared to move out of my comfort zone. On Saturday Victor who agrees to carry my “suitcase” to my new house comes to pick me and that is when it really hit mom I was dead serious, she would have loved me moving out in January but postponing it wouldn’t make it any better, I had to go. Even the bible says a man will leave his father’s and mother’s house… right? It might be far from this context since the bible talks about him uniting with a wife to become one flesh… (Genesis 2:24, Ephesians 5:31) but it is still moving, yes?

We get to my new house and start filling it up, as you might guess the kitchen took precedence though I have only one spoon and fork which are multipurpose by the way, I don’t expect to be receiving guests any time soon! I got a plastic chair for the living room, yes only one seat, remember that part I don’t expect any guests? If not start reading this paragraph again! I expected to get some money, to spruce up the house and make it a bit decent like getting a bed for example, everyone I talked to was telling me how I should start from the bottom and sample a mattress on the floor, it would give me a lesson in humility! How does that even relate? Humility and sleeping on the floor or sitting on the floor? I digress, so I was saying I expected to get money from several sources before the moving date which would have sorted everything, but as Woody Allen said, “If you want to make God laugh tell him about your plans” I found myself on unfamiliar grounds, things not going the way I had expected and I was forced to finally admit I would be spending time loving the floor. When I told this to one of my older cousins they told me not to worry even their first-born came about as result of a mattress on the floor, that is the real “starting from scratch”.

I have found new friends John and Wambu one in pre-school and other in baby class, they usually take over my laptop whenever am home and demand to watch Tom and Jerry, don’t ask me what I am doing with Tom and Jerry on my computer though. They were telling me how someone’s dad works at night he is not a thief, such innocence I couldn’t help being amazed, I am sure if I get a girlfriend they will treasure these two since they will be the source of unadulterated information about what goes on in ‘uncles’ house. Every purchase no matter how small seems to make a difference as the space keeps reducing. I seem to have found time to read more and watch those movies that fill my hard disk but never had time for and meditate more. On weekend you will certainly see me heading to my cousin’s to raid on food, I now understand why people consider ‘her cooking capabilities’ when searching for a mate.

My only plastic chair broke and every one was wondering how heavy I had become, but by the way I see things headed, I will hit the recommended BMI weight without even exercise. It has been a huge learning curve for me and I seem to have overcome some of my comfort zones, I can only hope things will be better and every challenge/terror barriers I come across only lead to happiness.


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How a leader should start the day

I am re-blogging this for my #TGIM segment, it brings out something I think about in a much clearer way than I could. Enjoy

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Bits and pieces

The year is flying past quite fast, just the other day I was making goals and resolutions and now I have to sit and take stock of the progress so far. More so like a mid-year audit and sometimes the reality check is not so pleasant.

Well, let me stop with my biggest challenge in terms of goals which has been weight management, this time last year I was hovering around 65kgs (welterweight) come December 2012 I was a light heavy weight a whooping 80kgs of meat (and mostly fat, lol) tell me that is not scary? That meant several wardrobe overhauls since my size 32 trousers could no longer fit. This year I decided all that had to go, I loved my skinny self better…  don’t we all anyway? Going by the number of people who auditioned for slim possible? So I got myself a partner who also had the same goal and every weekend we’d go out for our calorie burning mission, I have to admit she beat my ass every time we did a 100 meter dash, good thing I did not get too cocky beforehand and start making bets as I always do, I would have made big loses there. Come July 2013, I have managed to shed… wait for it *drum rolls please* 6 kgs 🙂 and which I am proud of but my BMI calculator says 70kgs is my ideal weight so for the remaining five and half months those four kgs have to go and at least a two pack thrown in there, I will also pray that no additional calories other than those I need enter…

On the professional front I have been able to scale up from an entry level position last year. At least the learning curve keeps on going, but then I have been very lazy following up on some of the start-ups I want to begin and some ideas I need to execute. The procrastinator devil seems to have had his way with me there, but I still have time before the end of the year ey? Five and half months can make a huge difference I believe, no?

I am ashamed of my volunteer work this year, same with my hobbies which have been thrown in the basement. I am supposed to work on some pro bono work but that cannot be enough I will need to make some more time for that.

Lastly I know I promised to let myself get into a relationship this year, well let’s just say I love my comfort zone way better…


Last weekend a close friend told me of an incident where her friend went out with some guys and she got spiked and was raped. When she told me about it, I told her to take the doctors report and take it with them to the police. Yesterday when I followed up, apparently the victim knows her attacker and does not want to seek legal redress and it set on some unspecific form of vengeance. This got me thinking, why would you want someone who has done you harm just walk about free but make plans on other forms of vengeance, would slapping (or any other form of revenge) him in public be justice enough?


Today being Monday I did not do my #TGIM piece but nonetheless I am grateful and still counting my blessings. Yourself?


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