My 5 Links: #My5Links

29 Jul

Last week I was tagged  by Joliea in this post. The aim is to appreciate bloggers and in Kenya and share mini-blog rolls for a broader read. See more guidelines here. Here goes nothing…

1. My Most Popular Post: Breaking loose part 2!!!

This was a post when I was in this high of reinventing myself, creating a Mackel 2.0 Lol. It was all about letting go of some of those fears that keep holding you back in doing some things; I am too old, I can’t do this, I might die, what will others think, well then crap that and break loose 😉

2. Post that Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved: The darkest hours.

This was a post when I was in my lowest ebbs sometimes this year, but the stats gave me the Idea maybe being too serious about life isn’t that pleasant to others to hear, jiwekee shida zako! 😀

3. Post Whose Success Surprised MeDid you just say Rohypnol?

This is a post about a drugging incident I had, the polls keep giving me a surprise because I did it when I was a newbie on blogosphere. I don’t know crap about search engine optimization but I do know most of my references come from Google search engine. Yay, gotta learn that SEO now 🙂

4. My Most Controversial Post: People who can’t hold their drink

I wrote this when in a very bad mood after what was supposed to be a evening full of fun, was turned to me being a brothers keeper even before the clock struck 12! Having to watch others enjoy themselves when you are looking over a blacked out fella isn’t very funny 😦 and those who have had to take someone who messed themselves up home, curtailing their own plans agree with me on that…

5. Post I Am Most Proud Of: RETIRE AT 21

This was about the aspirations I had in my youth the things I did to achieve those aspirations (Being wealthy baby) and the stumbling blocks that befell us and the (Invaluable) experience I got from the whole process. The tweet button talks for itself though not much to many by my standards that is one of the most shared posts in my blog 🙂

There you have it; My five links. *Drumsroll* and now I would like to tag;

All eyes on you now, don’t disappoint.

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