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The older you get the lonelier it becomes

“The older you get the lonelier it becomes. Social life keeps dying as we become more and more upwardly mobile,” she said over lunch
Now that we are past quarter century old. The excitement if being to be your own person has died out a d you are spending more and more time thinking about the future and what are some of the things you need to get done and soon. Be it that plot, be it going back to school, be it changing jobs, paying dowry… whatever it might be. Time becomes something precious and weekends don’t last that long as before you never seen to get much done in the same 24 hours because the backlog keeps on piling. Even as you sleep less and less the time doesn’t seem to stretch even one tiny inch. You start realising as you pursue your own legend and become more upwardly mobile (whatever that means) or like one client calls it the prime age for bank loans, credit cards and spending money you do not have, just because you can and the bank will oil it. One day you wake up in your house full of many toys and possessions but still feel a deep void inside. Because even with all the things that you thought money would bring with it you are still lonely. Your relationships are struggling; family, riendships and even the romantic ones. You have many friends on social media platforms and when you get notifications on an interaction you get excited but even that last as long as the notification light stays on.
Well some say even if no one else loves them the money will, but you find the friends they proclaim are the good time only friends. The ones who are there for WIIFM what’s in it for me. The moment their self interest is not served you are done and unapologetically so. If you lose that job or that hustle that binds your activities you are your own my friend. So if you want to test out who you will stick through the long journey called life, you need to start picking out some traits.
Who is the person who can face you and tell you enyewe we are friends but you are bullshitting right now
Who makes sure they pay a courtesy call for no absolute reason because they want to know how you are doing (for myself I might pay one because of power outage and I need my rechargeables charged)
Who attends your key milestone events even when there were other more fun interesting options?
Please help me build this list. What makes you decide this is a relationship I want to maintain and this one it is time it was severed.

All relationships are like bank accounts for you to withdraw you have to make deposits first, emotional, time etc… otherwise you need to reconcile your account – Mackel Tisa


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