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How to make soft chapati for Christmas!

By now you should already know chapati (aka chapo) warm my heart but despite that, I do not know how to make them. This coming Christmas will be be first I’ll spend away from home and from mum, (momma’s boy ni wewe!). I will be hosting a few friends and family over for lunch and chapati has to be in the menu. My options were to go the usual and go to buy them from chege my chapo guy or make them myself, but I don’t know how to.

I took up the challenge and decided I have to learn, how to make me some so that I can brag about it later, my first stop was wikihow and later these one and two sites.

I went through the motions mentioned in the websites above and I managed to make myself something that smelled like chapati, tasted like chapati and looked almost like a chapati so it must have been chapati :-D.

My process

My chapati making process

I shared the photos with my mum and some friends and these were their responses:

Mom's comment

My friends comment

I have so many perfectionists around.

So what were the key lessons I can share?

  1. You will burn your fingers! Use a spatula if you have one to turn them in the pan.
  2. Always keep checking the heat and regulating it, too hot your chapatis will burn, too low and they will not cook properly
  3. Do not be mean with the oil while cooking, because this is what will help coming out with soft non dry chapatis. Not being does not mean you pour all of it in there ey, chapos are not deepfried haha.

What else can you add?


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