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Why I stopped asking random girls for their numbers in matatus

I have been working on this project that had a short turnaround time, and the pressure was mounting since the deadline had been brought forward to meet some special requests from the client.

I wake up early, go through my morning motions on autopilot like always… When get to the bus stop I go sit near a window so I can stare outside as I think about many things in no particular order. Then I hear someone drop themselves next to me. I look to see who they are, somewhat annoyed and then I see this stunning girl who says I’m sorry cheekily. I tell her it’s okay and move back to my thoughts. When we get to halfway in the highway there is a bit of traffic and I mention how we wake up so early that sometimes you don’t believe how many hours you waste on the road. She agrees and tells me how she used to live in Lang’ata and how the jam over there was terrible now it was bearable. She tells me how much she paid rent in Lang’ata and how much she is paying now. The differences between the two houses, how she loved her new house. Being a person who listens a lot than I speak, I am wondering if she is oversharing especially on the details but I decide rather than listen to some two clowns on the radio, I’d listen to her.

I switch the topic to the teachers strike and she tells me she was a teacher by training, now my interest is picked. Her father had forced her to go to the teacher training college but after she finished she came to Nairobi and started a business. Looking at how things were going, she would never go to teaching it wasn’t for her. The bus starts snaking its way into cbd and I ask her for her number, which she gives and tells me to make sure I text her to make sure she gets mine too.

When I get to the office I send her a text of how glad I was to make an acquaintance. She asks me if this is Charles, I wonder how many people had asked for the number that morning haha *jealousy much ey?*. I tell her it is the other guy not Charles. I tell her to have a lovely day we’d keep in touch. In the next one hour I keep getting text messages (70 of them in an hour, yes I counted) and If I didn’t respond she would call, “sasa, kwani hujaona text yangu”. My work became answering texts, I told her we chat in the evening, still nothing. I just decided to block her when the calls became too many. It left me wondering how bad was biashara, were there no clients.

Now whenever I am in a bus, like I was here and here,  the conversation will not get to the part we exchange contacts. Have you ever had a similar experience where an acquaintance turned to be overly annoying?



How to pass an Interview in Kenya if you have less than five years’ experience

This year marked three years for me in the rat race. Over those years and many interviews and failures, well almost never counts ey? I finally took a back seat and started reviewing what it was that I was not doing right, what I needed to change in-order to get to the final stage/ finish line.  I started taking stock of the guys I saw going through to the finish line and this is what I find out.

  1. Document your wins and build a story around them

Always have the greatest achievements in your career. The moment you are asked “tell us about yourself,” during an interview, run with it. Narrate a nice story highlighting `your achievements and tell how they changed the organisation. Give a form of measure be it quantitative or qualitative e.g. I introduces the quality management system that saw us make savings of $ 100,000, this reduced the amount of time my team spent on doing rework and handling recalls….

  1. Brag brag brag

In school we are taught bragging is bad, well let me tell you something, if you are in the interviewee seat, do not shy off of bragging about your achievements. Don’t brag in an obnoxious way, but in a way that rouses the interviewer’s attention. Here you will describe the situation, explain what your role was, what you did and what the eventual outcome was.

  1. Remember it is about you

When talking about a role you played in a project or achievement of a goal be specific about what you did as a person. Use “I” as opposed to “we”. This will also vary depending on what level of leadership or team playing is required by the position. More leadership positions require to see initiative and goal setting abilities and other leadership competencies of the leader, use “I” mostly and we were appropriate. If the role requires you be working in a team setup, bring out of your role in team scenarios use “we”.

  1. Either or ask for feedback

If you do not make it to the final interview round always try to get feedback on which competencies you need to nurture to improve your competitiveness in future. Keep on improving and improving.

  1. Do not give up

I was talking with my friend about this and she told me she had made 200 applications over the past year, people never knew about this, but whenever she got a new job after an interview her friends would always tell her of “how lucky she was” if only they knew. If you have sent out only 20 applications you keep going don’t get bummed by the regret letters.

What else did I leave out, that you think is important to passing an interview?


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The Wise Guy


I told him a story,
He took a moment,
And thought deeply,
Took a deep breath and told me,
The secret my friend is perseverance,
You have got to stop giving up too soon….



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Safaricom Customer Service – Different approaches

Good Service makes the difference Chalk Illustration

Good Service makes the difference Chalk Illustration

I walk into this Safaricom shop in a mall
I ask the Safaricom customer service executive if they have the 4G sim cards
We do, but what phone do you have? This area is not covered by the network and additionally the 4G network drains your battery.
I tell them thank you and leave. I am wondering what they take me for? Don’t I know all that? Didn’t I spent whole morning researching on the pros and cons? Don’t I also know areas covered and would I be silly to raise my expectations if I knew I would buy something I wouldn’t be able to use?
I as I go to work the following work week, I decide let me try the town shop. This nice gentleman comes and greets me and asks what I need. Which I tell him. Five minutes down the line I decide I might get late and go ask him if they have the sim cutter which would somewhat help me. As if reading my mind, he thinks for a second and responds “sir what you need is a 4G sim card and that you will get, just queue here” as I go to get served I am thinking, yes I would have had my sim cut but as he said, almost like anticipating it, I would not have been satisfied. I get my sim and happily walk away.
Later is when I wonder, don’t all these executives undergo the same training? Because next time I have a problem I will happily queue for one hour to get served at that gentleman’s station…
PS. I wish I had got his name but I know if you have visited the Shop on Moi avenue you might have encountered him, I salute you sir.
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Keep moving!

What the nos taught me
Was I had to keep moving
And stop asking why
Maybe further ahead
A yes awaits you 🙂


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The story of queues

Have you ever been on a supermarket and there are very long queues and every minute you are counting how many people before your turn yes I do that a lot so do not judge me, and also you compare the other people who joined other queues at the same time how many steps they have moved? You do this so you can make a decision on whether to move to the faster moving queues or sit tight on the one you are, at the moment. I guess it is human to want to do that, find which options gets you to your goal as quickly as possible…

I am at point in my life where I feel like I am in queues, I also get  to wonder if my queue will get me to the pay point and how long it will take to do that, should I move to another queue. What if once join other queues the one I left opens up and starts moving?

Queues are darned confusing.

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And open your eyes!

I have finally finalized moving, to a new self-hosted site, you can now head over there and subscribe afresh :-), See you on the other side…