Kiima Kiu Hike #MtKenyaChallenge2017

31 Jan

The seed is planted

We were coming from the short Christmas break (do you wonder how before you go for a break, time appears to be a lot and you plan to move mountains during that period only for the reality to show you how it is never enough?). So where was I? Yes, we were coming back to the big bad city when my cousin, Cece told me of this group of people who organise regular hikes and that they had planned to climb Mt. Kenya in April. That piqued my interest and I wanted to know more about them. After two days of letting it percolate in my brain, I go to their Facebook page and there they had several preparatory hikes lined up for the #MtKenyaChallenge2017 in Easter of 2017. They however had a disclaimer this is not for first time hikers, you should have seen the sneer on my face, “my forefathers went to South Africa and back to trade and you are telling me I can’t climb a small hill? I’m going to to show you what I am made of”.

No First timers ey?

Quit playing let’s do this!

The D-day came and we had to meet at 5.30, if you got late you would be left behind I’m thinking, who are these guys, if only they knew I am an owl rather than an early bird. True to their words we were on the road and by 8 we had started our 9 hour hike. I would look at the hills we were set to conquer and think, “this will be a breeze in the pack”. The first two hours are fun and games, we are making new friends, chatting animatedly, taking selfies and all that, it is fun…


This mole hill looks easy to climb or is it?

Oh boy, what did you get yourself into?

The second part of the bike was now the real shit, doing down depressions and climbing steep slopes. A pattern starting coming out, people would talk during the descend but during the ascend, everyone was mum and everyone for themselves, probably wondering “what did you get yourself into?”. At some point during the climb I just stopped midway arms akimbo and wondered how I’m heaven I would finish the remaining 4 hours. My fellow first timers were the people I would fall back on, they had the grit, the most amazing people I got to interact with, P was on a goal to lose weight and Y had decided to stop procrastinating on her plans this year and climbing Mt Kenya was a good way to start. There were other amazing people who I also got chat with, one gent had done Mt. Kenya and Kilimanjaro and he felt that he had “over-prepared”, well let me over-prepare so that I can tell first timers that as well haha.

I got out alive!

We had been asked to carry three litres of water which I had carried two and was given o one extra litre. By midway I had finished all my allocation, thirst is real my friends in the scorching sun and you need to obey yours…

Too much heat can I swim here?

Well long story short, I finished, we all finished the hike. When I saw a cold Fanta I threw caution to the wind, I mean the calories wouldn’t cut all my gain that day would they? And I tell you as it went down my parched throat it felt like heaven, I will remember that soda that day, it quenched a thirsty man.

I didn’t die! Woohoo!

We made a resolve to start working out every week and right now we are on track. The next hike by xtrym adventures and safaris will find us prepared. Mt. Kenya; I am ready for you.
P.S. It’s my birthday today and I don’t know how I should be feeling… All gifts to my M-Pesa are welcome 😉

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4 responses to “Kiima Kiu Hike #MtKenyaChallenge2017

  1. Savvy

    February 1, 2017 at 10:44 am

    Happy belated birthday!

    And good luck climbing Mt. Kenya.. it is on my list too!

    • Mackel9

      February 1, 2017 at 8:01 pm

      Thank you Savvy :-).

      When you come back I’ll be the expert to tell you the do’s and don’ts. I’ll need that luck me because I hear Mt. Kenya can be a b*#@ sometimes, especially guys getting lost since there are no made out tracks, but I am ready for the challenge

  2. woolie

    February 1, 2017 at 11:04 pm

    If you are going to plan a birthday it’s a good idea to do it end of month I always say…

    Happy belated birthday me old china! I hope you had a blast. I am totally impressed by your new mountaineering adventures. You’re only here once and so it important to do worthwhile things in that time. I see people spending huge amounts of money and time setting off fire-works and I wonder…..

    Good luck with the training and the final assault. It may help you focus when you remember that up there…you will join a very elite group of people. Few humans have scaled the top of Mt. Kenya and come back down again. Then they all say that the experience changes you forever. 🙂

    • Mackel9

      February 2, 2017 at 9:50 am

      Hello old friend,

      First let me start by thanking you for your kind wishes, I appreciate that very much :-).

      Now ati with mountaineering few people have scaled up and come back down again, haha I have been getting that a lot also stories of people getting lost as well. I think that add to the thrill of me going up. Oh boy, Woolie don’t I want to be changed, I think I am ready, let me see how my outlook of the world around me changes after that challenge. You know what, you should join us btw ;-). You can write more elaborate stories about it than I can 🙂


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