Pro bono work for start ups

04 May

I had known him for quite some time. From school we had common friends, so we were/are friends. We soon leave school and go find our hustle and guess what we one day bump and realise”oh Jirani” and you know what they say, once you realise a familiar face is stone throw away you are bound to start noticing them more and more often.

Well that was the case until last year when we changed address and I stopped seeing him. Then one day, si you know those days you are just checking out posts on Facebook to see who else got a baby? Yes those days.

I scroll scroll scroll and guess who I find? Yes you got it, my friend he talks of having gone it out alone, like in the alchemist to go find his personal legend. He talks of the journey being tough but how he is still holding up.
Then me and my ujuaji, I see an opportunity. Get to do some probono work. Sort of giving back. Then I get his response “sorry dude but of late I have become wary of the so called”pro bono” assignment. I try to prod further and be tells me cut a long story short be has learned it is better to create a budget and hire a consultant than let them offer the same service for free.
This got me to start with searching for start up experience with probono consultancies and here were some of the responses I got:

  • Pro bono guys are hard to manage, because they are giving you “free expertise” they will work on their own terms.
  • The quality of work leaves alot to be desired…
  • I feel that probono guys are here to troubleshoot and find real and imagined problems that they can point out in their recommendations so that I can go back to them for the solutions and I get to pay. It’s like free medical check up but you pay for the drugs…

Are you an owner of a start up? What has been your experience with pro bono work?


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