Have we forgotten to dance?

30 May

It is Friday and I am feeling playful. It has been  two months since I went out and today, I just have to go and shake a leg. I no longer paint the town red haha.
I am to meet my boys in town to start off the evening. When I get to town one of the guys M is not to be reached five calls later no answer. He later explains he got a date *insert breezy’s voice* these guys ain’t loyal. Haha.

So I meet T and we start off at this new joint, at the entrance the bouncer freezes me, I show him my ID and he lets me in, maybe I should not dress down too much, ha, not happening. It is full such that there is no space to breathe let alone sit. We turn around and leave, despite the opportunity cost for eye candy.

We head to joint B, Nairobians are a hard bunch to please this place was big last year now there are empty seats at 7 pm. We take a strategic spot where we can have a well rounded view of the whole place. The music is really nice, it throws us back to growing up days. There is a supervisor with a really huge derriere and we cannot seem to agree whether it is real or not. Patrons seem to be here to just drink, but at 8.30 guys have started coming in and we decide we try an old drinking hole. As we leave the alcohol brings my thoughts to life.
What is your name?
You look good
So I have something nagging me, Is that real?
She gives me a go to hell glance and I leave laughing at my stupidity.
I tell T what just transpired and he tells me I have screwed our chances of patronising that place again or our glasses may be spit on. You know the way in the movies the guy at the drive through spits on the hot dog or sandwich of a rude customer?

The old drinking hole is packed to the pavement. But we still go upstairs to see if we can find room. There first take with two chairs we find ladies who tell us one is taken and we can only take one. The second table there is a guy who is very chatty but he can only let us have one seat. We borrow and join the ladies. The third lady soon joins the table and we continue gulping our drinks. Then this song comes up…

This lady screams like a little girl “this my song, this is my song” I raise my drink and smile to acknowledge. Then she starts dancing on the seat vigorously. I tell her she should just stand up and dance, it it not doing her justice. She seems reluctant so I ask her to dance. She looks at her friends for approval, I think they gave it because she stands and we go to find space. I thought we’d dance the safe dances, but instead she turns around and rubs her curvy derrière on my crotch. I felt electricity and some excitement, after two months this is not how you want to start your dancing it I’d too charged. She takes my hands and holds them furthest from her hips as she can. The song is transitioned by another one and I say that was great and a thank you and head back to the seat. I take a huge swig to cool down and start observing around me. Everyone seems to be grinding on someone! I wonder if that is all there is to dance or what happened. Because I remember how back then my friends would try and do breakdance like Usher or Omarion, but now dance is more like a mating dance. Have you seen those ants that fly during rain? Then they lose wings and pair up looking for a new nest to start a fresh?

The ladies who had allowed us in there table get a call to go elsewhere and take their leave. Another group now joins us. One girl begins dancing before she even starts taking her drink. The others I presume they are too sober to dance! I stand and go ask is we can dance. She smiles and I take that as a yes. She tells me it is her birthday and I give her a happy birthday hug. It is awesome how you can hug strange people you just met under the influence ey? So we start the dance proper, we are looking each other busting mzungu moves I am not that good of a dancer :mrgreen:. Then at some point she turns around and yes you guessed it….

So my question is, when did twerking and shaking behinds and grinding become the only form of dance? Trust me, if you go around in Nairobi that is what you will see being termed as dance. Except some wazee joint that only plays only rhumba, but when it switches to lingala….

Look, I am not complaining, I love me a good twerk as long as it is not from Miley but is that all we have in the dance basket of tricks currently? Because I think when you ask a girl to dance she expects you will at some point grind on her butt, which can become really uncomfortable when a boner starts threatening to build from the excitement! Anyway maybe it is me. Maybe next time I should try and turn whoever I ask to dance to face me and keep it that way. The funny thing some of the girls I asked about why they turn, they say they don’t like it but still do it. My question is why? If you have ever done that then why? What are your reasons?

WALK THE MOON – Shut Up and Dance:


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4 responses to “Have we forgotten to dance?

  1. Savvy

    June 10, 2015 at 3:24 am

    How in the world do you dance to that Hart_the_band song by grinding? That is a good old twist song, I am twisting right now because of course I had to play it! To digress, I have a crush on one of those guys, the rapper..

    Yes, the current generation of Kenyans does not know how to dance. Jamaican videos will be the death of us because they popularized the grinding. I am always for the”safe” dancing but my partner(s?) would always expect me to turn round and grind.. and that is when I would go back to my seat!

    • Mackel9

      June 10, 2015 at 3:57 am

      Savvy beats me too, but I’m beginning to suspect maybe grinding makes all dancers equal because if your partner gets excited you won’t be able to thin straight and judge between good and bad. Grinding is grinding ey?

      Savvy and the rapper, sitting on a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G, first comes love…. ;):mrgreen:

      For me I don’t mind grinding, but first who am I grinding? Before we move in to the bumper we should acquaint first not later….

  2. henry mwenda

    June 25, 2015 at 6:59 am

    lol ati mating dance…it does not favour short guys like so i dont like it.

    • Mackel9

      June 25, 2015 at 7:22 am

      Hahaha Henry, I totally understand your predicament… Kusuguliwa tumbo!


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