Health Benefits Of Sex And 4 Ways To Make It Better

13 Jun

I stumbled on this and boy oh boy, how could I not share?

Healthy Living Kenya

Consensual sex among adults has been scientifically proven to be very beneficial to overall health, not just a means to keep the species going. Society does not like it when we air topics on bedroom matters and that is where the problem begins.

1. Immune System

Studies done on people who engage in sex regularly show that they have increased levels of immunoglobulin a.k.a an antibody whose work is to neutralize threats to the system; bacteria, viruses and other dangerous organisms.

2. Sex Lowers Stress

One of the most efficient ways to release, is to release literally lol Most modern diseases are caused primarily by stress and what better way to avoid disease than to strengthen your physical connection with your partner?

3. Sexercise

Intercourse is not the easiest of jobs and when more positions are involved, it can amount to a full work out, especially for the abs and…

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