My Journey of Hope

16 May

My friend CK (@LeIcePrincess) gave me the following piece from her diary, which I thought was really awesome and wanted to share, it took a lot of convincing, pleading to get that nod… let me not speak too much you can have a peek into the dairy, maybe you are on the same journey of hope as she is, enjoy and remember to leave a comment for her :);

Over the past few months I have grown tremendously and I am proud of myself. On a journey of self-discovery and hope I am still nowhere near where I want to be in life but I am enjoying the journey and the person that I am becoming.

I have learnt to let go of past hurts and bitterness, learning that forgiveness is truly refreshing to the soul, to be truthful to myself no matter how hard it can be. When I had my first heart-break I never thought I would move past him, when you look at me now I am very grateful for that heart-break, I learnt to let go, letting go has been my greatest lesson.

I have learnt to not worry too much about the future but to live and enjoy in the present. When I graduated from college, I did not have a job. It can be so distressing having nothing in particular to do, to live for, having no reason to wake up in the morning. I was at my lowest point here. And when I finally got a job, it was temporary and not consistent; I was not sure whether to get a place of my own, cause how would I manage the bills when the job ended. Things have a way of working out, I still have that temporary job and my own place and still able to manage with everything else.

In relation to finding a job and moving to my own place, I learnt to believe, there is truly a God watching out there for each and every one of us. I was among the skeptical lot at some point, now, my love for him grows each and every day. I am truly blessed.

I have learnt to be comfortable in my own skin and to be grateful for what I have. I am now more confident. I now even started dating and realized how fun it can be (I surprised myself on this one). I have learnt to manage expectations soak in the fun of getting to know different people, maybe I will eventually meet my prince charming. No pressure.

I have learnt to go after what I want and put my best foot forward in everything I do. Sometimes I think, would my life be any different if I worked really hard in college, but then again I cannot dwell on my past. Let me enjoy this journey, it has led me here. The biggest competition is me; I try not to compare myself to any other being as everyone is destined to different paths. I have learnt not to care so much about what people think, they will always have an opinion. I do what makes me happy and I appreciate the friends and family in my life.

I admire authors and writers. I love reading books and getting lost in different worlds, I love fantasy and fiction,escaping a reality which sometimes can be a bit too much. I have always wanted to write a book but I have never written a single piece/ article. I feel so happy and inspired lately; I thought I would try this true love piece.

Spreading lots of love,


A life without love is a waste. ‘Should I look for spiritual love, or material, or physical love?’ don’t ask yourself this question. Discrimination leads to discrimination. Love doesn’t need any name, category or definition. Love is a world itself. Either you are in, at the centre… either you are out, yearning. –Shams Tabrizi


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