One hour ten minutes!

31 Oct

5.00 am: First alarm goes off, snooze it, is what I do!

5.10 am: The second one goes off, snooze it again without opening an eye, yeah I know, I have got used to turning off the alarm like a zombie and wonder what happened when I get to wake…

5.30 am: I summon all the will inside and decide to wake my lazy bones, being a Sunday there is that calm silence outside, just the random car on the road and that’s it. A cold shower does the trick and my senses become alert, I remember seeing a guy on tv saying on this day we take breakfast an hour earlier, I have had my fair share of stitches due to taking a dash on a full stomach…

6.30 am: I am just relaxing hooked up to capital waiting for 7.00 am I go meet with Sam the only member of #teamcrawlers who could make it, let me not lose you here, team crawlers was formed at the beginning of the year I even mentioned it in Older = wiser? We had different reasons why we trained, for health issues, keeping fit, losing weight, who knows maybe even ego issues 😀. My goal for the Saturday morning jog was to break this one pack into six, but it seems far fetched as it keeps on growing instead of firming up 😦 !!! Back to where we were! I still am listening to Capital’s early morning show (can’t remember the name of the show, never been up that early on a Sunday morning!) and call mom and a few friends to let them know where I will be just in case…

6.45 am: Sam texts saying he is already at the assembly point, I leave for Nyayo and I am thankful the heavens are calm there are even rays of sun peeping through the scanty clouds.

7.00 am: I reach Nyayo stadium and start looking for Sam.

7.02 am: I locate him and head where he is standing. There are guys with a boat which we can’t understand how it relates to running 10km on tarmac! Shortly afterwards we are joined by Shem, we can’t believe seeing kids of about six years old in the race!! 10km and not the 4km fun run whoa then we must have registered for the wrong category we all agree, but it was more of denial than agreement 😀.

7.30 am: The 42 km guys reach the 10 km point in 30 minutes and that’s when Sam declares 45 minutes as the time to beat Shem 59 minutes I shut up since knowing well enough I do 6km in 40 then I thought If I did ten km in under two hours am all good 🙂 59 leave alone 45 minutes was too much to ask from a brother… 😀

7.58 am: The 21km guys have done their 10 km in just 28 minutes, damn I am thinking to myself how that is possible…

8.00 am: the gun goes off and the boat is carried head high by the guys who came with it, that was one crazy stunt I can only wish to know for what purpose it was for.

8.03 am: With the huge crowd on the road we decide pavement is the best bet of getting past all that mass of people.

8.15 am: I am at the watering point at Uhuru Park, I don’t want to get any stitches and give it a pass. I see a guy fall out and get into the xcloosive portable loos, I am thinking, “This shit must be really hard” *no pun intended*.

8.30 am: This kid zooms past my panting self like it was just a game he was playing for him “I’ll be damned if I let him finish before me” I tell myself, but to no avail, I suspect he might have been on steroids! Some guys decide cheating is the best option to finishing this thing early and cross the tape separating Uhuru highway, shame shame shame on you we saw you!!!

8.40 am: This other kid zooms past me, then I just wondering what the heck was I doing for a whole year running my behind every Saturday if I’ll get to be this humiliated 😀

8.52 am: I get to Haile Selassie road all my energy is drained, the soles of my feet are screaming and there seems not to be enough air for my lungs!! “What have you got yourself into Mackel” I just wonder. As much as I am panting like a pig there is no way am letting that kid finish before me still…

8.59 am: 1km to go the flyer on Kenol turnoff from Haile Selasie says. I start taking that climb with these short heavy steps then I see the kid, that gives me more psyche as I just find some more energy and past him I go, the downhill slope gives me the chance to let myself go without use of much energy, it was more of a free fall though!

9.09 am: I enter Aerodrome road, ooh the finish line! I can see it clearly now

9.10 am: Finish!!! 🙂

Will I do it again? Maybe 😉


Posted by on October 31, 2011 in Breaking Loose!, Comfort zone.


4 responses to “One hour ten minutes!

  1. Savvy

    October 31, 2011 at 2:12 pm

    Congratulations on finishing the race!

  2. Joliea

    November 14, 2011 at 10:46 am

    Yay! You finished 🙂 I envy you. *must go to next year’s race*

    • mackel9

      November 15, 2011 at 10:06 am

      Next year am doing 21km, we should start preparing maybe we could win something… 😀


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