African Voices on Climate Change #AVCC

31 Oct

As a little boy I would on holidays go visit my grandma and pa in the countryside, being a hilly place the mornings always had mist gracing them the grass never lacked dew, the fresh crisp and minty air always refreshing. I would go down the valley and skid on the rocks which had water running on them till they become slippery, slimy maybe but heck we loved it! The springs always had water gushing out, clear, clean water you could drink it directly without risking any sickness. There was a small place where grandma had planted some nduma (arrow roots) and sweet potatoes which made the countryside breakfast a wholesome experience from what I was used to…

From far you see green, but much of the ground surface remains dry!

Well, over the time people started logging the indigenous trees for the more profitable and quick maturing eucalyptus, patches of land now had these many seedlings of “investment” eucalyptus and as with every venture that brings some cash, the trend was copied quickly. First to go was the early morning mist, I sure miss it, I remember how we pretended we could disappear by just running through it. The rocks started drying up, no more skidding kids! The springs are also now drying one after the other, when I go there breakfast doesn’t have much of nduma and sweet potatoes like it did then ­:-(.

A butterfly resting on the dry ground.

Slowly and slowly I see bits and pieces of this hilly paradise I once knew falling off one by one… If you ever pass through Mbooni Hills you could see this for yourself! How has climate change affected your community? I would love to hear about it and you could go to connect4climate and AVCC for more voices about climate change in Africa.

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