05 Feb

Here is a post from a protector of children @MarlMarly, she loves them with a passion and would Kill to save a kids life 😉 you can catch her work here at MarlMarly.

While not playing down the very real suffering and lack endured by so many children in poverty, it is also accurate that the children of the well heeled are also in distress. I can almost say comfortably that the children of the world suffer from neglect, lack of parental care, nurture and protection. There has been a mass departure from family values, and concern for this unit went out of style and its future orientation is for the birds.

Anna happens to have tagged along with her parents friends for the Christmas holiday down to the coast. You know how it is; friends helping friends scratch their backs where they can’t reach. We need it once in a while when the itch is too severe and we can’t reach it. Anna’s parents had been having money issues that were to be sorted in a week’s time. Luckily the matter was sorted within days and they were on their way to their holiday destination. They checked into a different hotel since the one their friends were in was already occupied to the limit. Good parenting would have it that they pick their child from their friends once they settled. You guessed right, they didn’t. Reason why? I got no freaking idea. Yes, these are the burdens of being a good friend especially when you have your own adventurous and overly curious little ones to look after. Apart from hunting your own kids loitering at the eyes of predators you have an extra one to look after <– and she has ‘parents’! As you shove food down your kid’s throat you also get to do it on behalf of a well capable adult. You can only care and do so much… If Anna gets hurt when you are not looking, if she doesn’t shower or eat, whose fault is it?

Our children learn survival for the fittest too early in life. Being the first learners they are, they read our arms-length care as indifference; so they map their own route. Anna carries her home clothes to school so she won’t have to get into the house to change, so she gets more time with her friends; who also have their own bankrupt know-how to distribute. We have invested in house help, video games and televisions to parent our children, which are doubtful guardians of the nursery especially because of their reckless ethics and lack of values.

By Marlmarly



Posted by on February 5, 2011 in Guest post


3 responses to “WHO IS WATCHING ANNA?

  1. Nyambura

    February 22, 2011 at 10:04 am

    This piece breaks my heart…seeing a kid that’s not ok haunts me and it gets me mad, because i feel, you as the parent owe that kid the very best in life. Why? He or she didn’t get to vote on who their parents would be. No one asked them, so why should they pay the price of a parent’s shortcomings?


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